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He keeps getting stuck!!

Jd has perfected the art of rolling over on to his front but he can't get back over, this isn't a prob but he's now doing it in his cot more and gets ramed right up the corner and can't move, so i have to go in and put him back in the centre again. I've tried to roll up some towels either side of him but he justs gets over them somehow? I'm sure this is just a stage til he learns how to roll back over? Im trying to show him how to roll onto his back but doubt thats making any difference. If anyone has any other tips that'd be great x


  • it is just a stage until he learns to roll back im afraid Sarah, it shouldn't be long? Does he sleep in a sleeping bag? That used to help with Tate, but luka still got all over the place in his!
  • Yes he does but he rolls round and then its all twisted, he'd be worse without it tho. He's so funny as he gets his face crammed up to the bars and then i hear him grunting so i know he's stuck. Guess i'll just have to hope its something he'll learn soon
  • Hollie was the same, but she learned quick enough, it is a phase and you will see the end of it soon.
    Until then do you have a bumper on the cot as i found this helped with Hollie. If she rolled into it then it wasnt as bad as rolling straight into the bars. xx
  • No don't have bumpers, think he'll go where he wants no matter what i do, just need him to learn to roll from front to back!!
  • david was the same and i took the tough love approach,when he was lying on the floor in the living room and rolled over, he used to moan wen he couldnt get bk over and i always saved him,i just stopped turning him bk over and it took him jus 2 days to learn to get bk over.let him roll about the floor as much as poss and he1 soon learn!
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