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I have not posted on here for a while, as have been too busy with uni and my now toddler!! I was wondering if somebody might be able to give me a little guidance. I have tried the online calculators etc, but keep getting conflicting information!

If a couple has one person working, with a salary of about ??26,000 - 28,000 pa and the other stays home with baby (just the one child), so that there are no childcare costs, would we still be entitled to any tax credits?

all replies welcome!



  • This is the situation we are in. We get family tax credit, about ??40 a month I think. Go to the website to get the form you need to fill in... payments can be backdated 3 months I think.
  • thank you image

    I had hoped it might be a little more, with student debts etc a reasonable salary still doesnt go far enough!
  • Again, I'm in the same boat and ours is currently ??39 a month though we have heard (from website calculator) that this will triple with arrival of our next child in Sept?!! Finding it a little unbelievable and are waiting to see what we actually get nearer the time.
  • yep ??40 a month is about right as thats what we get,although we both work it would still be ??40 a month if i didnt. when you have 2nd baby you get more for the first year then it drops back down to the ??40 a month about a week before their first birthday x
  • yes, if your income is less than 40K you get something x
  • Thats sounds about right, but you don't get anymore for the first year as the baby element has been stopped now.

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