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to have a c sec or not??

hi everyone, im 33weeks and 3 days and expecting a baby boy, i found out at my 20 week scan he has a condition called gastroschisis were his bowels are on the outside of his body, he has to have an operation as soon as hes born and stay in hospital up to a month, were hes to be fed via an ng tube till his bowels heal and he can tolerate milk. its been tough trying to deal with this, i just am thankful its all fixable and he will be fine,and the condition wont affect his development etc tho this is my first pregnancy and i wasent planning on my gorgeous baby needing specialo care and a long hospital stay. my paedrition mentioned i could either have ect at 39 weeks, or i could deliver naturally if i wish. ive been stating to people im having an ect as i felt if hes to be looked after medically strait away once born, he should be deliverd medically. i also felt that because i wont be able to nurse him once born as hes to go strait to neonatal unit, the thought of me going through labour and the pain and strenght il put into bringing him into the world only to see him taken strait from me, to get the treatrment he needs il find that tough, but of course i want whats best for him and i want him seen too asap once also worried natural delivery could harm his bowels, tho ive been told by ther docs that this wont happen but im nervous it could. im felling all this but then i think, recovery from a c sec is harder after a nutural birth, il wanna get down to see him asap, and think itl be harde3r if i have the surgery. also should i miss out on the chance to give birth naturally? i also read it can take up to a year before i should try again for a baby, what if i want to try before then??

i nwould be grateful for any advice given.


  • Hi cat. Sorry to hear you have all this worry but, like you say, they have the best care lined up for him and it is all fixable. I can't offer advice on your specific situation but I did have an emcs with my DD last April so can tell you how that was. It was, overall, a very positive experience (despite being an emergency). I don't feel in any way that I missed out on a natural birth and my recovery was amazing. My section was at 3pm and at 9pm that night I had a bath (I hated the nurses for making me do it but they worked on the theory that the quicker you are up and about the quicker you recover). I was also walking around, going to the loo, changing DD's nappy etc throughout the night. When I got home the only things I struggled with slightly were going up stays for the first day or so and getting in and out of the bath. Other than that, it was fab. I do consider myself lucky as I know lots of ladies can get infections and things.

    I got pregnant when DD was 9 months and have had no complications at all as a result. I have decided to have an elective cscec with this one and I am hoping my recovery and experience will be similar.

    Hope that helps in some way!

    K x
  • hi hun

    sorry to hear about the complications it must be difficult to deal with, especially on your first pregnancy. I had a section after a long unsuccessful induction. It was planned rather than emergency and it was brilliant. I just had a spinal block so was very awake! I had baby at 4am and i was walking in the afternoon, and had breastfed baby in the day etc. Recovery has been fine and although tender to start with Ive had no problems. Also being a planned section it was a lot more relaxed than emcs and my scar is a perfect line and very neat so healed easier image
  • sorry to hear this, only u can decide which way to go, i can sort of see from both sides... but personally, if u can, i think i would try for a natural birth... if u have a cs u'll ahve to wait much longer before ur able to go down and see him...that would be the olnly thing that would swing it for me... also with cs it 'can' be more difficult to get ur milk to come in (hormones etc) so if u have a natural delivery u'll be in a better position to start pumping etc to give ur little boy the colostrum etc, which will undoutably be the bets thing for him...also a cs isn't easy! please don't think that u'll be tired for a tuarl birth, u'll be exhausted from a cs! it's massive operation, leave u feeling very weak and sore, much more so than a vaginal birth... u'd be better physuically to care for him if u go for a vagnial birth.... but then i can see why with everything going off, that umight prefer the more 'planned' route, but bare in mind even elective cs can go off track and have serious complications... i believe a vagnal birth would be the best thing for ur little boy (and i'm not anti cs, i've had two myself)
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry to hear about your baby's condition, it must be hard for you.

    I just wanted to give you my experience on c section, so you can decide for yourself. I had an emcs after 3 days of labour and 17 hours of active labour. I felt in control most of the time, and it was overall a positive experience. I recovered really quickly and had a shower about 12 hours after the c section. I went home the following day (36 hours after giving birth!) and apart from certain movements which hurt a bit, I could do pretty much anything.

    I did feel I had missed out though,although DD had the cord wrapped around her neck twice and tight, so a vaginal delivery would never have been an option and could have been dangerous for baby. You may not feel this way though because of your DS condition, at the end of the day you will make your decision on what is best for your lo rather than for you. xxx
  • g/c- just seen this on the side bar and wanted to say hi.

    i had to have a cs with my dd and she was rushed to special care straight away (she has a genetic disorder we didn't know about until she was born) yes it was difficult afterwards but getting myself down to special care to see her was a big motivation get moving as quick as i could.

    in the end you have to do what you think is best for you. i know just what you mean about all the pain of labour i was in labour for 13 hours with her and then an emergency c section then she was whisked away. i didn't get to bf her but i did express and freeze it for when she was ready to feed, this gave me something to do while recovering.

    i also had a section with my next dd. i got pg 13 months after section and everthing was fine again.

    ideally i would have wanted a natural birth once they were here and safe how they arrived just didn't matter anymore

    good luck and i hope your lo gets well quickly x
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