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single moms?

are there any single moms on here?
sometimes i feel like th eonly one in the world! lol


  • im not a single mum anymore but i was for 4 years as my oldest sons dad decided i was 'trying to trap him' with a child (i was at home with no job, child to look after etc while he was going on foriegn holidays and not paying a penny towards his son) so i think he got that a bit wrong on who was trapped! anyway, single parent or not ur always welcome on pp. im claire mum to josh 6, isaac 1 and leighton who would be 2 but was stillborn
  • Thankyou for the welcome!
    I have joined a new forum for single moms to get together and have a chat but i like to joins loads so i get to know more people.
    you sound like you really had a rough time my ex was violent towards me but not the baby. so i had to get away from him.
    sorry to hear about your stillborn. (big hugs)
  • the best gossip goes on in the lounge, i dont think many are online at the moment (kids tea time etc!) but most of us are on when the kids (are meant to be) in bed about 7 ish
  • oooh i forgot, good on your for leaving 2! how old is your baby?
  • Hello and a big welvcome to PP

    I'm not a single mum but like Claire said, on here it doesn't matter and there are no predujices (sp) Also big well done on getting away from your ex!

    what's your name?
    Hope to chat more soon xxx
  • i call her baby still but i guess she's not she will be 2 at the start of sept which i guess then she is offically a toddler lol!

    I had always said that if i was to get into a violent relationship i would get straight out so thats exactly what i did! it was hard as i did love him and he was so gentle when i first met him. i guess the pulled the wool over my eyes.

    thanks for the welcome tasha my name is jane
  • Hi,

    Welcome to PP, i am not a single mom either, but like the other two said we welcome anybody on here no matter what their circumstances. I admire you too for getting away, many people dont so well done you.

    I'm Karen and mami to Hollie.

    What is your's and your little one's name? And how old is your baby?

    Look forward to chatting soon xx
  • hello welshdragon thnaks for the welcome xx
  • I feel the same about amber, she's 15months but will probably be my last baby so i'm determined not to let her be too much of a toddler yet!!!

    I also have Ethan who's 3 going on 13!! xx
  • tasha, ethan is a tweenager! a tweenie that thinks it is a teenager
  • LOL!!!
    Well amber thinks she's 3 and always plays with 'the big boys'!!
  • Hi

    I'm Cheryl and ttc no1. Well done in leaving your ex its harder than it sounds. My ex (of 11 years!!) became an alcholic and had very sever mood swings to the point of violence, but its stil hard to finally leave. But things do get better I promise I'm now married to my amazing husband.
  • thanks Cheryl you give me hope that i am, still able to meet someone new. xx
  • Hi Jane,

    Welcome to PP and well done for getting out of a violent relationship. A brave thing to do but better for you and Naomi.

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte. I still call Jack my baby, he always will be and he's 5!!!!!!! Charlotte too, she's 2 I still say I'm off to baby group and it's not it's toddler group!!LOL!!! But there we go.

    Hope to chat to you more soon.

    Take care, xx
  • Hi Jane,
    Welcome to PP. I am not a single mum but I may as well be! My fiance is in the Navy and is away 75% of the year!! I actually find it easier once I am by myself, no one to get under my feet!!!!
  • Hello jane, welcome to pp! i'm not a single mum either but that doesn't matter. Hope you make some nice friends on here tho you def will as everyone is lovely.
    Well done you for leaving your oh.....oh by the way i'm sarah mum to jd x
  • Hiya Jane

    Welcome to PP!!!
    Well done for getting out of your violent relationship!!

    I'm Dawn, mummy to Cameron who's 14 months.

    Hope to chat more soon x
  • hi jane im not a single mum either
    welcome to pp im emma im mum to stephen 5yrs,christopher 3yrs,mollie nearly 23months she will be 2yrs end of next month
    and i have abbie 6months on sunday
    weldone for getting out of a violent relationship
    look forward to chatting soon
  • Hi Jane, I was single mum from when Tom was 15 monts til he was 5 and half. I never ever regretted the decision once I loved it at times and we had a fantastic bond and still do. Sometimes we even miss being just the two of us. Which I know some of you may think is strange. But now I have terry who is totally amazing and has given me my two babies and we are now getting married. All in the space of 3yrs its amazing how life turns around!!!
  • Hi Jane,

    I'm Sarah and ttc#1

    Welcome to PP - I'm not a single mum either but this site is so fab and its also great as nobody judges

    Look forward to chatting to you soon and weldone for getting away from you ex xx
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