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passing the time in the last week/peoples comments

i am 39 weeks today, with my third, have always went late and had to be induced both times.

i am hoping i can manage to go into labour mysef this time...the thought of another 3 weeks of just waiting is not appealing.

does anyone have any suggestions how to pass the time?

i am not feeling so good today, and hope im just having an off day. i just have no energy, and if i feel like this for much longer i know the time will really drag.

it doesnt help when everyone is texting, etc saying "not long now", "feel anything happening?" blabla, its so annoying!! i mean its nice they are interested but it doesnt really help me!

if something happens im sure they find out!!!!

argh!! sorry just had to let off steam lol xx


  • i will be 39wks on wed with my third. my son was 6 days late and my dd was a 14 day late induction so i am not hopeful this bubba will come any time soon! i am already gettin the odd 'any twinges yet?' texts and stuff. i feel so lethargic and my bump is massive. oh has brought home a hot curry for tea and i have ten days left!
  • walk, have sex, dance to music channels.. image

    im 34 weeks, and im getting impatient already!

    just enjoy your other two children until bubs turns up and throws everyone and everything up in the air! :lol:
  • I did a lot of cooking and cleaning i also spent about an hour a day walking and spent plenty of time watching dvd box sets - not much help!
  • I am 39+1 today and it's our first baby, little boy due 25th June. I am very emotional on and off, getting uncomfy and just wanting little man out for cuddles! If I see one more person who says ooh boys are lazy, you will definately be late, ooh have you not had it yet blah de blah --- aarrrrggghhh leave us alone lol!! C'mon little man, come and meet your Mummy and Daddy ! xx
  • It'll help if you can try and keep mobile. Odd trips to town window shopping for things you can buy after baby arrives, refreshing warm showers, the odd spot of tidying house, gentle aerobics/yoga exercises. The odd spot of pampering yourself will also make you feel better, coffee with friends/family, relaxing with a good book or dvd, a meal out. Don't be put off going out 'in case labour starts' most people are only to willing to come to your aid in that event (and some places give you lots of vouchers if you go into labour in there).
  • keep active, will help baby drop

    enjoy the quiet!


    eat out

    go to the cinema

    and put this on ur facebook to keep annoying people at bay
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