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C-Section Recovery

Hi Ladies,

I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant. My baby is breech and the ECV (turning of baby) was unsuccessful.

Therefore they are booked me in for a c-section at 39 weeks. This doesn't worry me as I know it is the best thing for both the baby & me.

However, I'm a little nervous about how long it will take me to recover, and how difficult it is to move around afterwards. I want to be able to take care of my baby, and don't want a long drawn out recovery.

From experience, could anyone give me an honest account of how long it took them to get out about after a c-section?

Thank you! xx


  • Hello,

    firstly everyone recovers at a different rate and there are some friends of mine who recovered very quickly and others that had infected scars therefore recovery took longer.

    For me,honestly the first three days were really painful and emotional - midwives and hubby passing baby to me each time I needed to feed or wanted a cuddle, I found this frustrating but of course neccessary.

    I then found my recovery relatively quick, I felt stronger each day and less pain each day. However I must stress how much you need to be careful with lifting heavy things and stretching as after a few weeks I almost felt perfectly fine which meant it was easy to do silly things without thinking. My friend tore her scar by doing things too soon. Remember it is major abdominal surgery.

    It did take me about 4-5 weeks to get out the house on my own as I have quite a few big steps so couldn't lift the push chair in and out on my own. Also you need to ring your car insurance company and check on their policy as some don't insure you until 6 weeks after c-sections. I am direct line and they are fine, they told me I could drive as long as dr said it was ok, dr said if I felt ok then I could drive. Again lifting the car seat in and out of the car I didn't risk doing until I was about 5 weeks post c-sec.

    I hope this helps, but like I said at the beginning, EVERYONE is different. You may recover much quicker than me, or slower... get as much help as you can!!

    I am so nervous as this time round I have a 2 year old to cope with as well and she loves cuddles and being lifted up, I am going to have to be really careful.

    good luck and congrats on the very near arrival of your little baby! x
  • I picked my baby up from day one (and he was HUGE!), I had no problems breastfeeding and felt more or less like myself by 2 weeks and well enough to drive by 4 weeks. I simply stayed in bed with baby for 2 weeks and let everyone else do everything else, I literally only moved to go to the bathroom for the first 4 days. You must take it slow because it means a better recovery. I still found it hard to push buggy uphill at 6 weeks though and think it was a few months until I could do it easily, mind you baby was HUGE ha ha
  • Hey there,

    I had a fantastic recovery following my EMCS. I spent two night in hospital and I picked up my baby from day one. I changed the nappies, bathed her and had no problems whatsoever.

    I think you just have to be sensible and listen to your body. I felt capable of handing my baby, whereas a friend didnt for a few weeks. I suppose we are all different!

    All I will say is take it easy and gratefully accept all offers of freezer was stocked with meals and my ironing and house work done for weeks. Mmmm which reminds me I MUST insist on a 2nd section image
  • I had a great recovery as well - I had a bath 6 hours post section and (after having had the op at 3pm ) I was up and around all night looking after DD. I went home 48 hours later and was pretty much doing normal activities. The first few times up the stairs and getting in and out the bath were a bit tricky though! I was walking DD in her pram within a few days and driving within 4 weeks. I know it is different for everyone though - I am just hoping that my recovery from my elcs in Sept goes just as smoothly. Good luck x
  • Hi,

    My C-section recovery was great - I had no problem with picking up my daughter, I was able to walk around unaided after 6 hrs. I had no problem looking after my daughter on the first night. I came home after one night and although absolutely exhausted and a little sore I felt fine!

    Good Luck and stay positive that all will be fine!

  • Just wanted to reiterate what everyone else has said. Listen to your body, when you need to rest...REST!!!! Everybody is different, although I had no actual problems recovering, I felt it did take me a while. I didn't drive until my girls were 6 weeks, and I was absolutley exhausted afterwards! We also have a number of steps in our garden, and with having a heavy twin pram, it was about 6 weeks before I could get the pram up and down the steps myself (I used to have to rely on neighbours to help if OH was at work).

    My main point is, listen to your body, and watch the heavy lifting!

    Jo xx
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