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Any chance???

I think I want a c.section again but I don't know if they'll allow me to?

The trouble is last time I had a c.secion because of a failure to progress and baby's heartbeat dropping really low. I know they will say every pregnancy is different and encourage me to try vaginally again butI just feel so scared of the prospect of it turning into another emergency.

My last experience was appauling,I went into hospital on the Thursday night (after waters had broken) and was left all night without any explanation of what was to happen to me. I was strapped to a monitor that ran out of paper and set off alarms and nobody came to tell me what was going on. The next morning they came to collect me to be put on a drip to induce, as they put the drip in they asked me if Id had my breakfast- when I said 'no' they said 'oh we must have forgotten you, too late now'. So Id been up all night, petrified and had now had no food for hours either- a great position to be in to give birth. The pain was unbearable when the drip began to work and I had a weird sense that things weren't right. We were left for hours and I mean hours without anyone checking on us, when they did it was always someone different. They laughed about so much for continuation of care. When I was in agony we kept pressing the emergency button, noone came. Hubby had to leave the room and find someone. I had an epidural that wore off after so many hours, I was only about 1cm dilated, they told me to push when I had no urge whatsoever. The bitch of a sister kept shouting at me for not trying and told me 'its called labour for a reason!'. They wouldn't believe me that NOTHING was urging me to push- the might as well have been asking me now to push out my baby, there was no pressure on my cervix because baby was in totally the wrong position but no matter how much I told them, they wouldn't listen to me

In the end I had to agree to trying forceps or vontousse (something which I really did not want to occur). I still don't understand how they planned on doing this when my cervix wasn't dilated at all? Can they just try to pull baby out anyway??? Thank god my little ones heart rate dropped and I had to have an emergency c.section because I dread to think the state I would have been in after forceps etc when he was actually stuck, not to mention the baby's head and body- Im sure it would have rsulted in a c.section anyway.

Im convinced as a direct result of this I got terrible post natal depression and lost so much valuable time that I uld have been getting close to my beautiful baby.

Sorry for the long ramble, I know there are lots of stories like mine and worse but basically I want to know if they will even consider giving me a c.section under these circumstances or will they just tell me 'it'll be different this time.'

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    Regardless of why you would like one I am pretty sure they cannot refuse you a second section after having had one previously. A previous c-section is a valid medical reason to request a second

  • Oh is it? That reassures me then image I thought they would try to force a VBAC on me!

    Thanks for that image
  • Hiya. My emcs with my DD was failure to progress but sounded nowhere near as traumatic as yours. I was asked ay my consultant appt if I'd thought about how I wanted to give birth and I just said I wanted an elective. I was asked no questions or pushed on it all - it was put down as 'maternal choice'. I think it might vary from hospital to hospital as to how much they urge you to consider VBAC but it's my understanding too that they can't refuse you x
  • Thank you KayeCee, that makes me feel so much better to know others weren't refused their wishes image
  • Hello Mrs fellow Feb mommy image

    I too had a previous C section and although I have already been told I will get another one by my MW she did say that any woman who has had one CANNOT be refused. They can encourage a VBAC but ultimately it is your call xxx
  • Hiya,

    not wanting to make you nervous but I think it depends on your primary health care trust.

    I'm in west london and at queen charlotte's. I had a previous emergency section due to similar reasons, baby had heart failure after 50hr labour and was going into trauma. At the start of this pregnancy I was told I could choose but would be encouraged to try VBAC, at my 20 wk appointment I was told the rules had changed and I HAD to try VBAC unless something went wrong (!). They no longer do elective c-section.

    I was not happy but there's nothing I can do for now.

    good luck with your appointments!
  • Oh dear, thats awful for you, I guess Im just going to have to wait and see what the mid-wife/doctor says!

    Hi Hollyplusone image

    I really hope this is the case where I am, I can see me preparing for battl before I go for this appointment! :lol:
  • Hi,

    Well ladies Im happy to report that my first discussion about a second c.section seems to have gone well. They gave me all the risks and options and then said ultimately they will support me in my decision to have an fingers crossed they stick to this!!!
  • Just keep repeating your concerns over what happened with your 1st pregnancy and you shouldn't have too many problems. I had a natural birth first time around but because I laboured long and wound up losing a lot of blood with tearing I was offered an elective this time around, although I've chosen to stick with the devil I know.
  • I think thats why I want to stick with the c.section...just because its what I know now, as you say better the devil you know, plus I couldn't deal with another emegency...Im clearly a control freak at heart!image
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