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OMG Im Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!


After over 3 years and 5 cycles of Clomid I have today got a BFP!!!! I did both tests in the pack and both positive straight away even though I didnt use FMU!

I dont know what to do with myself, im in shock! I am nervous/scared/excited! Its my birthday tomorrow, I couldnt have got a better present!

Please cross your fingers for me ladies. Its very early days so I need to keep positive, I just can't believe it!

Shell xxxxx


  • Congratulations!!!! I never thought i'd get pregnant without help, as was anorexic and bulimic throughout my teens and twenties, so was amazed when i got a positive result the first time we tried! am now 18 weeks approx, and bump is getting bigger by the day. fingers crossed for you - and toes xx
  • Thanks hun and Congratulations on your pregnancy image
  • Shell!!! OMG that is amazing!!! I am so so so pleased for u hunny

    That put a smile on my face!! Soooo chuffed for u lovely x x
  • Whoo-congrats image
  • OMG lovey dead dead happy for you! ahh gives the rest of us some hope!

    got my fingers crossed for you its a sticky one.

    bet you can't stop smiling. think i'll run round my town screaming i'm pregnant when i eventually get a bfp!

  • Thank you lovely ladies image

    My mum came round so I made her look at the tests to reassure me I wasnt hallucinating :lol:

    Hannah - I would love to run around shouting but I haven't got the energy, Im sooooo tired! image
  • Congratulations!!! That's fabulous news. Have a very happy and healthy nine months. You are pregnant!!!!
  • Shell this is fab news! Very pleased for you hun. Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy! xxx
  • Thank you! image xxx
  • Huge congrats! I am a fellow graduate of LTTTC and love nothing more than see a lady in here getting her BFP xxx
  • Thats fantastic news!! imageimage... Was it ure 5th cycle of clomid or natural??... Sorry ive been away from the site for a while.. but just had to post! imageimage FANTASTIC!! xx
  • Massive congratulations!! I hope u have a very happy and healthy pregnancy!! Enjoy every minute of it xx
  • That's amazing news and def a lovely positive story for hope for the rest of us x

    Wishing you the very best for the next 9 months and beyond x
  • Wow amazing story, so pleased for you hun. It must be the best birthday present you could have wished for! x
  • Thanks ladies image

    Cupcake it was my 5th cycle on Clomid.

    I still can't believe it, seems bit of a dream atm.

    I got this today and keep looking at it! Its very blurry as my phone camera is rubbish but it says 2-3.

    Shell xxx
  • ah brilliant, must be such an amazing feeling to see that.

    so come on then shell, what did you do differently. i swear i'm doing it wrong!!! hahaha xxxxx
  • TBH we didnt do anything differently at all. I wish I had some pearls of wisdom but it was just our lucky cycle I guess!

    Im sure you're not doing it wrong hun haha so don't worry you will get there in the end Im sure image.

    Shell xxx
  • Ah well done hun x x x
  • Haven't posted here in ages but just wanted to say congrats! After two year of trying, it's nice to hear that it can still happen after so long. Wishing you a h&h pregnancy.
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