Should I start again?????

Please help.. My son Is 2yr 10mnth old and we have been potty training for nearly a year now. Unless we take him he just pee's and poo's anywhere. We have tried using a potty, the toilet with a thomas tank seat and stool and a firman sam reward chart. Nothing seems to be working, any suggestions??



  • Rather than a reward chart have you tried giving him a small reward straight after using the potty?
  • Hi ... i currently potty training my little boy who has just turned 3 last month ..... he has been showing signs for months now that he is ready so last month we started to put him in pants and reminded him about using the potty, was unsuccessful as he would not do a wee on the potty or toilet only on the floor so it became a habit so i took advise from health visitor ..... she told me to put him back in nappies for a few weeks then start a fresh .... we gave him over a week back in nappies then abck in pants and we put a reward chart up with stickers and explained to him that if you did a wee in the potty and got stickers all across the line that he could have a treat of his choice (peppa pig campervan, when he had an accident on the floor we did not make a fuss about it just cleaned the mess up and put new pants & clothes on. We give him a chocolate button for sitting on the potty with lots of praise image and when he does one on the potty he gets a chocoalte bar.

    The first day we went back in pants in had 1 accident in the whole day but sat on potty a few times but no success. Then the day after and for the last 3 days he has sat on the potty with his pants on and done a wee on the potty without being asked so we have just (fingers crossed) cracked it even though he wets his pants but at least he wee on the potty and not the floor.

    I am really happy that i spoke to my health visitor as i was lost at what to do and thought it was never going to work and im glad i took her advise image

    Hope to works out for you whatever you do x
  •  I am start to give training my boy.I use a potty chair for with the potty......what i would suggest is to try to make games, read lots of stories, ,,,i dowloaded a great app called potty training learning with the son loved it

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