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Weaning & Infant Gaviscon

Sorry if this is an age old topic but I googled it and couldn't find much info.

My baby is 6 months and we are in the early stages of weaning. He has infant gaviscon for his reflux and it has worked well in his milk. What do I do now he is starting solids?

He has 6oz milk with one single sachet but when he eats purees they only stay down for a short while before coming back up all over the place. Should I mix a sachet with water as it says on the instructions and give it to him after each meal or before? I know they aren't meant ot have more than 6 double doses but as he only has half a dose with each milk I guess it'll be ok?

Thanks for you help!


  • Hi WillyWonka

    My DS is on infant Gaviscon (has been since about 2 months old) & is on 3 meals a day plus 2.5 bottles. he has 6oz in the morning, 4oz at 10am & 9oz at bedtime. I usually put 1.5 sachets in his morning bottle & 2 sachets in his bedtime bottle. My HV said to keep puttin gaviscon in his bottles untill he has been fully weaned. My DS is still sick but not as much as he his getting more "food"

    Have a word with your HV, see what she says (they all say different things) but I would keep giving him the gaviscon in his bottles, maybe add half a sachet more this migh help keep food down.

    Sorry if not much help

  • Hi

    I have the same issue. I have started weaning my little boy but am unsure as to what to do about his Gaviscon. My doctor instructed us to put 2 sachets in each bottle up to 6 times a day. Now he's being weaned, he isnt finishing his milk or drinking nearly as much as he used to so have mixed it with his food instead. I tried mixing it with water like the instructions say but he refused to swallow it and kept gagging and spitting it out! (I have tasted it and im not suprised he spits it out!!)

    I hope mixing it with his food is ok??!
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