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any mums with reflux babys?

need help!!!


  • My older son had reflux, he's nearly 4 now but its all still fresh in my mind. Have you seen the GP? Has your baby been prescribed Gaviscon?
  • yes and yes, am trying the SMA stay down today, did you have trouble with naps?
  • Hi

    Got a 13 month old with reflux, still vomits but nothing like it used to be, so there is hope!! Our LO was 10 weeks prem so most babies I know that have had it grew out of it around 5-6 months.

    Gaviscon worked at treat for our LO but I know others on Ranitidine and Domperidone which have been successful.

    My advice for LO would be to push for what you want, make sure ur referree to consultant ASAP and if meds not working then go back, again and again if u need to. Sometimes it takes a while ot get it right.

    My advice for you is buy lots of muslins, feed LO with a towel around u and covering anything u don't want sicked on! Some days it will feel like u can't go on and can't do it anymore, but u can and u do, because u have to. Our LO literally empty s himself and towards the end of the vomit it sound slike he is 'drowning' in his sick inside if that makes sense, v distressing to watch, but a cuddle and quick strip down and he is raring to go on a second bottle. From my experience he has always gone back for more milk after a massive vom, but never gone back for more solids after vomitting those.

    He also 'leaks' constantly if he hasn't had Gaviscon. So as he crawls round he deposits a handful of vomit here and there, this got worse when experimenting with solids so take your time but you have to move them on eventuall.

    Please msg me if u need to i know how hard it can be

  • kendra doesnt sick up alot really,more burps,hiccups,coughs and seems unsettled in day big time, hardly naps
  • Hi

    My 2nd son had bad reflux that got to thepoint where he wouldn't eat snything because the acid was so bad. He ended up on omeprazole tablets from 8 months until he was 16 months old. The gaviscon made him very constipated.

    My 3rd is now 5 weeks old and I had to take her to the drs last week. thay thik that she has reflux as well due to the sickness and discomfort she is in. I have to keep a diary of eating, sleeping, sick etc for a week and then go back - they have said they will prboably put her on ranitidine straight away so that she doesn't end up like my 2nd son.

    I would really pester the drs and push them for help as they can be a bit dismissive about it sometimes. Especially if it is silent reflux where baby isn't sick - just in pain.

    We have the crib propped up so that she is at an angle and I limit certain things that I eat as I am BF. My son is allergic to dairy and I had to make sure I was completely dairy free while feeding him - probably going to have to do the same again for my little girl as she is sooo sick at the moment.

    I find she is also a lot worse if she is put down for a sleep soon after feeding - I have to leave it at least an hour after feeding before she can be laid flat otherwise she is in pain and is sick everywhere and screams for that hour. It is not too bad during the day but a pain at night as I can not put her straight back to bed after feeding. in the middle of the night I have to sit up for an hour after feeding.

    I hope you get some help quickly.
  • that sounds very hard, kebdra isnt sick really and we cant even be sure it is relux but something definatly up.
  • It could be silent reflux where they have all the pain and discomfort but not actually sick.
  • yes thats what i thought
  • My little one has silent reflux. He is really really windy to the point of screaming in pain just before a trump.

    He only cat naps through the day and is nowhere near sleeping through. He's on ranatadinr and domperidon. We saw a massive difference when he started these so if you aren't already on meds then see your doc. Gavisgon was a mare for us. It thickened his feed which he hated And if we gave it in water it used to make him sick.

    It's made his first fee months really heard but we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Just need to get him sleeping in his own bed now and I will be a happt bunny!
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