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which comfort

hi ladies

i planning to move 6 week on to a comfort milk. she is very windy/ colicy but also has trouble with her poo's.

i was going to move on to aptimal comfort as i currently use aptimal first, but i cant find any good reviews.

found some good reviews about cow & gate comfort, so was thinking of moving to this, but would it be better to stick with the same range?

any advice?


  • Just changed my LO from C&G to C&G comfort and it has been remarkable! She takes her feeds much easier and is MUCH less windy/colicky, poo is now almost explosive! but I would rather have exploding poo than no poo at all! Just to say, C&G and Aptamil are made b the same company and are almost exactly the same milk. With DD1 we changed from Aptamil to C&G when she was about 10 weeks old because I discovered they were the same and was having trouble getting Aptamil in our local store, she did not notice the change at all
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