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my HV aren't too concerned so I know I shouldn't worry but I do a little...

My baby was born weighing 9lbs 13oz (so a big boy!), he was on the 97th percentile, since then we've had him weighed about 4 times and he's gained weight every time. BUT he has dropped from the 97th - 91st, then to the 75th and last week dropped again to just above the 50th...

We've been told that because he is gaining weight (now 14lbs at 11 weeks) it may be that he wasn't meant to be that big at birth and is settling down to what his weight should be. But I am worried.

he feeds about every 2-3 hours, sometimes longer. He feeds from me both sides for about 15 mins on each side till he pings himself off.

Should I worry he's not getting enough breastmilk? My HV said he definitely will be getting what he needs and that my body will provide what he wants. She said it is very unlikely that my body isn't producing enough.

what do you think? would you worry or just go with the professionals?


(you wouldn't think that this is my 2nd would you! feel like a new mummy again) x


  • i would agree that hes just settling to the right percentile, dd has dropped a couple but is growing wonderfully and is getting really long, as long as its not a huge dip that continues i wouldnt be worried, a good sign is if he settles well after a feed hes getting enough as well as a good musturd colour poo! with my first he wasnt getting enough loosing weight, not pooing and never satisfied x
  • hey! Thanks piggypops. yes he is settled, has good regular poos and is very happy. I know that because he is gaining weight he is ok, I just worry about him dropping on the chart. Will go in another months time and see what happens!

    I should have just posted in our forum as it is very quiet in here! x
  • I would also agree with piggypops xx
  • I'd agree with piggypops too. We had it in the opposite direction - dd was born on 2nd centile and every time I had her weighed after about 2 months she was on a different centile! I can remember worrying that she was putting on too much. She went almost to the 75th and eventually settled on the 50th. I think she was just born smaller than she was supposed to be and was making up for it.
  • Hi Roo!

    Yes, I think your HV is right. MasterG was born on the 75th and went back onto that after the initial weight loss, but then plopped onto the 25th (still with a weight gain), but is now settling onto a nice curve between 25 and 50th.

    I think he's the same as Finley - born a bit bigger than he shouldn've been and has now settled down to where he should be.

    I panicked when he dropeed the centile even though he had still gained weight. We never don't worry do we? Even if it was our tenth baby image

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