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Tell me its normal....

My little girl is now 16 days old and seems to feed constantly!

She can go up to 2 and a half hours inbetween but only if she is out in the pram / car / in a deep sleep. But this is only maybe once a day. Through the night she is pretty good but once awake at 7ish will want to feed until i have to put her down about 8.30amish when i have to put her down to get ready to take my son to nursery. She will then sleep in the pram whilst i walk there and back then feed on and off from 9.30amish when we get back. I put her back in the pram at about 11.30am to go and collect him and she can stay asleep till about 1.30pm. From then onwards sge can feed and feed till bedtime! She comes off herself but once i sit her up within 10 mins her little mouth is routing again!

I have just been sitting feeding thinking i need to build up my supply but my little boy is suffering from me not being able to do as much. Now im starting to wonder if it means im not filling her enough?? (see other post... im paranoid about this!)

Is it normal or do i need to boost my supply? is that possible? iv tried expressing but got next to nothing. I do think she is managing to get milk though as its round her lips when she pulls away.


  • totally normal, we really struggled as i have a toddler and it was hard telling him his sister needed feeding which seemed constant, if we were out she would go ages but at home she fed pretty much constantly up until 6-8 weeks, they are ensuring future supply and although hard to doesnt last forever, now i can put her down and have time to play with my son x
  • Could have written this post! My boy is 4 weeks today, and although he goes a good while without feeding overnight, it sometimes feels like i'm just a milk machine in the day, especially evenings. Glad to hear he might settle down soon piggypops!

  • Thank you, pleased to hear its normal and hopefully will settle down soon.

    Angiebaby1988 i tried a dummy - she spat it out with such force it practically ended up the other side of the room :lol:
  • Yes, you're not alone. Hannah would have me hold her all day long if she could but alas I have her big sister to change/feed/entertain also. Hannah also has a nasty habit of feeding until she makes herself sick but then still tries to relatch on within five minutes, she just seems to be a little porker who enjoys her feeds.
  • Totally normal hun, Mia is 6wks and still like this most of the time, but can go up to 7hrs at night thankfully. I have an 8yr old and a 2.5yr old and I seem to be constantly telling them to wait 5mins as I'm feeding Mia!
  • I have two girls aged 4 and 5 months. Both fed constantly till they were between 6 to 8 weeks then settled in to a great pattern. It does get better. Promise! x
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