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Ectopic advice please?

I am just under 6 weeks and for past two days have had sharp twinges to the right of my tummy button yest and lower right side today. Am really worried it's signs of an ectopic but a dr friend said it's too early to be symptomatic and too early for a scan.

Just looking for advice from those who have had ectopics to see whether it could be or if I'm just making myself worry. Would rather know before it's too late to prevent removal of a tube...



  • Hiya, with any pain or bleeding that you are worried about I would ring your EPU or A & E to get a scan and checked out. Its not too early, I had a scan at just less than 5 weeks and they could see the sac and yolk. If it is eptopic then you need to get it checked asap. I went to A&E as I was worried one of my pregnancy's was eptopic (which it wasnt) and they were really lovely and took me seriously. Worrying does not help you either, go and get checked and re-assure yourself xx
  • When I had an ectopic, I had bleeding for a few days before the pain started. Once the pain started it kicked in with a real vengeance, and was very quickly excruciating and unbearable. I went to A&E and was kept in for a few days (when the pain never made a comeback, but the bleeding continued) and when they scanned again they saw a blockage of my tube, which was then removed

    Because I now only have one tube I have to go for early scans. I am now about 6 weeks PG and my scan is booked for Monday next week. I keep imagining one-sided pains and worrying myself silly, but the things I am feeling this time are nothing like what I know my ectopic to have felt like

    By now I guess you would have news re your little bean- I hope everything is well xx
  • hi there

    i had an ectopic 2 years ago at 10 weeks!! i had left sided pain on and off for weeks from abour 5 weeks, and started bleeding at 10 weeks so went to A&E and they did a scan and found that it was a left sided ectopic. but instead of surgery they treated my with a methatrexate injection and daily blood tests until my hormone level reached 0.

    I then fell pregnant a few months later and was experiencing the same pains again so hubby and i didnt waste any time at all and went straight to A&E and confirmed i was 4 weeks pregnant and they did a scan but there was nothing to see at all but they re scaned me a week later and u could see the smallest pin prick of a blob on the scan and the drs were convinced that all was well. they did a routine blood test to check my hormone levels and then again the next day to double check my hormone levels were rising!! luckily enough they had more than doubled so drs were pleased. they continued to scan weekly until i was 9 weeks to make sure all was well!! Which it was and now i have a happy, healthy 19 month old daughter!!

    But like i said they could see the start of a sac in my uterus at 4 and half weeks by doing an internal scan,

    Hope this helps and puts ur mind at ease!! but if you have any questions feel free to ask away xx

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