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20 week or gender scan dates

Thought we could start a thread of 20 week scan dates and where you are going to find out gender. Then I can list the dates in date order and list genders once we know, for those that are going to find out.



  • Date liston

    (green name is private gender scans, purple name is 20 week scan, blue name means boy gender known, pink name girl gender known, yellow means not found out)

    19th Nov - Cantwait4LOs

    1st Dec - Jacobsmummy

    17th Dec - CantWait4LOs

    21st Dec - babycarteruk

    23rd Dec - carlyfee

    29th Dec - WaitingforBee2

    29th Dec - NewMrsP

    29th Dec - Glittery_em

    6th Jan - MrsM1986

    9th Jan - Baby_Princessuk

    9th Jan - lisaandevie

    11th Jan - pudding77

  • We're having our gender scan on 19th Nov, & our 20 week scan on 19th Dec! So excited! image
  • we have our 20 week scan 21st dec ?(will be 21 weeks exactly) so gutted we have to wait that extra week x
  • 20 week scan on the 29th December. Won't find out the gender until birth.
  • Lovely idea to put all the dates and colours together jacobsmummy image

    My next scan is on the 9th Jan when i'll be 21 weeks - staying team yellow

  • Good idea!

    My 20 week scan is 29th Decemeber. I'll actually be 21 weeks. We are staying team yellow! x
  • my 20 week scan is 23rd of dec, our hospital will tell us gender if they can see image can't wait image
  • Our 20 week scan will be on 6th Jan, I'll be 20+6, wish it was sooner!! We are staying team yellow, unless its obvious on the scan. xx
  • How many weeks after your 12 weeks scan did you get your 20 weeks scan date?

    I am 15 weeks this weekend and havent had a letter yet?

  • Think it depends on your hospital but I booked mine in at reception while I was at my 12 week scan.
  • Yes, great thread jacobsmummy, thank u! My 20wk scan is actually on the 17th Dec not the 19th sorry imageops:

    Pondering123 I think I got my letter around a week after my 12wk scan xxx
  • Hi Everyone,

    Great idea jacobsmummy!

    We've got our 20 week scan on 11th Jan and we're going to keep the sex a surprise for the birth.

  • Sorry cantwait will change it now! Thanks ladies, glad you liked my idea!!

    I 'was ment to' book my 20 week scan at my 12 week scan. But they had none left so have to wait and be contacted image x
  • Sorry hon, its 19th Nov, and 17th Dec!
  • aww what a great idea!!

    our scans on the 9th of jan and where still undecided if where going to find out the gender or not :S

  • Brilliant jacobsmummy!

    Our 20 week scan is 29th December. And we are not finding out, team yellow!! image
  • Haven't got a date for 20 weeks scan yet but have private gender scan booked for 3rd December, can't wait to find out !!!
  • I have my 20wk scan on 16th december. Will be findin out the sex
  • I've just got my 20 week scan date through. Its on 19th November. Although I'll only be 19+5. I'm going away for Xmas for 2 weeks and its the only date they could get me in before I go! was supposed to be having a consultant appointment at the same time, but they couldn't do it together as I had to change my appointment. So have to wait until 10th Jan for that.
  • Obviously that was meant to be 19th December!
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