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What would you do?

Hello, just need some advice. Im nearly 13 weeks and had my scan at 11 weeks where everything was fine, but on friday evening I had some bleeding. It wasn't a lot but it was bright red fresh blood. It only lasted about half an hour. On Sat morn I rang EPU and she just said its common and if it gets worse come straight in. I spoke to my midwife Monday morning and she reassure saying as it didn't continue not to worry and if it happens agian just go to A n E. I was happy with that but Ive woke up this morning worrying and wonder whether I should go to the doctor and ask for a scan for reassurance. I don't know if Im over reacting. What would you ladies do?

Sorry for the rambling post! xxx


  • G/c from front page. I would go see doctor and ask for reassurance scan. I'm sure it is fine but my mind would be doing same as yours. X
  • Bleeding is always a worry, but if you take into account the likelihood of any problems after 12 weeks and how common spotting is, then we shouldn't worry. But we will! I would probably want to request a scan, but wouldn't in the end, as I'm a wuss at that sort of thing!! Hope its all ok, but I'm sure it will be xx

    Oh, and only 7 weeks til 20 week scan!! xx
  • I'm still spotting too - been more than 2 weeks now off and on. But definitely go get checked, the EPU can check you over and scan you. If nothing else than for your peace of mind. The way I look at it is that I couldn't live with 'what if's'.

  • Thanks ladie sfor your advice, hope you're spotting stops soon Ceelou and Mummy no 2. its worrying isn't it but very common so I m sure things will be fine for us all. Having said that Ive booked a private scan to put my mind at rest as can't go to epu as there is nothing wromg at the mo ( thankfully!)

    take care ladies, I bet the next 6 months will fly by - scary!
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