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Hi needed a bit of advice about drying my 20month old dd's hair. She's got thickish hair which is past her shoulders & quite curly. It takes forever to towel dry/ dry naturally. Just wondering if anyone dries their toddlers hair with a hair dryer? Also which shampoo do you use? Thanks in advance x


  • Hi, I use the cool setting on my hairdryer. I use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo as it seems to make the hair soft. Have been using the hairdryer since ds was about 18 months x
  • I've been drying my daughters hair with a quick blast of the hair dryer since she was about 6 weeks old, she just had so much hair! She's 20months now and she sits at my dressing table with me and we read a book before bed whilst i dry her hair. It takes so long to dry otherwise and I don't want her going to bed with wet hair!

    We still just use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. If its particularly bad I use the Johnson and Johnson spray in conditioner when brushing it through (but doesn't need it very often).
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