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Do you have kids books on kindle?

Do your little ones like ebooks?
What are your thoughts on ebooks for the very young.
My two love sharing my kindle and would be on it all the time if I let them!
We have 'Pipsy the Penguin', 'Slippy the Slimy Slug' and 'Hairy Scary Spider?' just to name a few.

It's great when we're out and about as I don't have to have half a ton of stuff with us! I've downloaded a few text books for me to read too.

We also have kindle for PC (free to download) and everything I download onto my kindle, is automatically on there too. This is great for picture ebooks as they are then in full colour.
What ebooks do you have on yours? Any recommendations? I'd definitely recommend 'Hairy, Scary Spider?'


  • My wee boy loves them too, on daddy's ipad, never thot to put them on my kindle tho, less chance of him pressing wrong thing and accidentally ordering something random off the Internet, great idea, thanks x
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