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yet another mc

Here we go again. Had a bad MC the beginning of last year and it knocked me for 6 it was horrendous bled for 15 weeks none stop so got put on cerezette to stop the bleeding. Everything settle down although me and the now husband couldnt even talk about our "badger". Got married last month and just after found out i was pregnant again. Last night i had a really bad stabbing pain in my stomach and found out i was bleeding it was only light and stopped during the night but now the stomach pains are back and worse again so now looks like yet again ive lost my "smudge" this is killing me as i have a 2 year old and everytime i look at him i burst out crying. What can i do? (sorry about the rant)


  • Im so sorry for your loss honey, how awfully painful. i wish i knew what to do, im feeling very sad and stuck myself after a mmc of my first baby. so rubbish isn't it, i wish there was a magic potion to take all our pain away...thinking of you and i seem to be glued to this forum for support at the moment, so if you need more ranty time you can rant to me xxxx
  • Thanks hunni me and my husband have actually split because of it. We have some problems that need sorting through. How are you doing?
  • Oh im so so sorry to hear that, do you have any other support for yourself at the moment? Times like this test is all to the limit i guess, i hope you are taking good care of yourself xxx

    im alright i guess, turning 31 on Saturday which i know will be a very difficult day as i thought i would be in such a different place you know.

    Thinking of you honey xxxxx
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