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New years eve

What has everyone got planned? Are you leaving your little one at home? I'm leaving Jessica with a babysitter (who is being reasonable pricewise for once lol) and letting my hair down. Can't wait!

Sara x


  • Were staying in as we have done the last few years, prices of things are just to much for one night and everywhere is so busy you can barely get a drink never mind a seat!

    Prob be asleep by eleven anyway this year lol
  • We're also staying in just the 3 of us...Megan will be in bed but hubby and i will just have a nice dinner, watch a dvd then bed atfter the bells me thinks.

    personally im not a fan of hogmany as i think its depressing as you are a year older and i think on all the people not here (sorry to be depressing lol) i dont see the point in celebrating it and cant think of anything worse than being out as its so busy, expensive, cold etc. man i sound like a right grump lol.

    im quite happy to stay in with my wee family though - couldnt imagine not being with Megan when the new year starts (going to peek into her room and give her a wee kiss) as she is just the best thing to come from this year.

    Have a nice night everyone whatever you do x
  • im staying in too

    and noah is poorly aswell so he needs his mummy tonight (i wasnt going out anyway tho)

    i just want to be with my little boy when the bells go

  • Im in too, was invited out and my best friend had offered to babysit but I really dont feel like it. Hope you all have fun xxx
  • We're staying in too image Accumulated so any bottles of wine last Christmas when I was pregnant and couldnt drink them and not really been able to drink when exclusively bf ing so finally enjoying some now!
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