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Second mmc

Hi I'm new to this site, I'm just looking for some advice and hope. I have no children and I'm 29. I had my first mmc in 2004. I was told at the time it was just bad luck and that it happens. I found out in sept I was expecting. I went for an early scan at 8 Wks. My baby was measuring at the right size and had a healthy strong heart beat. I went for a scan Thursday (nearly 13 weeks) to discover I'd had another mmc. I just feel numb. I took the option this time for the tablets- they have not worked. I'm booked in for a Dnc tomorrow. I'm so worried that I can't have children. I would love to hear any success stories after 2 mmc. Iv searched sites, to find out diff tests etc that I can have once my body is back to normal. I'm trying to stay positive, but u can't help worry. If any one can give any advice or any success after two mmc I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much xxx


  • i misc once i knw how you feel be strong and pray god will answer i knw u lost hope i was like you once and im preg again 3 weeks crossing fingers

  • Thank you image. I wish you the very best in your pregnancy, I hope everything goes well for you xxx
  • I know this may sound bad but I would normally say "I'm sorry to hear of your sad sad news" but I won't don't get me wrong I am but I've had 4miscarriages and feel your pain and when people use to say sorry to me I use to think "sorry for what" "why are you sorry for" be grateful!! Shut up saying sorry!! It won't bring my baby back!! But what I will say is if you feel like crying....then cry! If you wanna talk about it...then talk about it! And don't ever forget your not alone in this even though you may feel like you are your not, you sound like a strong women I know it easier said then done but when your ready to keep your chin up, and rememeber time is a healer even though you may feel time is against you it will happen for you image

    Ps. I hope I've not hurt your feelings with my post sorry if I have. X
  • Please dont lose hope, I had a mc then a mmc then 10 months later got my bfp and had my first dd. Then had my 2nd dd no problem, we then wanted a 3rd child so tried again but sadly had 2 mmc, 6 months later got my bfp and I am now 34 weeks with our 3rd dd. It will happen for you x
  • sorry for your loss ihad 4 healthly boys then i had a mc sep 2008 and jan 2009 then had my daughter march 2010 anoter mc sep 2012 and mc again 14th dec 2012 .will ttc again.dont give up. im glad i didnt or wouldnt have our girl. lets hope we both get a sticky bfp soon x

  • I had a miscarriage June 2012 at 6 weeks. Then I got pregnant again in September. When I went for a scan at 13 weeks, I found out that it had died at 8 weeks. Cue haemorrage and emergency D&C dramatics.

    Now I am just distraught. So many people tell me they sympathise, but it's just that - not empathy. How can I find solace from someone who already has children?

    I am 33, and after 2 miscarriages, realise I may never have children. There isn't much anyone can say.

    I live in France, where the healthcare is excellent. They have me booked in for all sorts of antibody and genetic testing (for my husband too), plus some uterus scan involving an x-ray when I get my second period. I have been taking good quality natural vitamins and supplements for about a year. 

    I appreciate I'm probably in the 'depression' stage of grief right now, and that my spirits will lift, but until I have a child, I will not be happy.

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