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symptom spotting in the 2ww

Hi everyone, i would like to start a thread for all ladies TTC where we can share our 2ww symptoms, get support and share our BFP's.

Im currently 12DPO, was convinced we "did it" this month but only BFN so far, except a VERY VERY faint line on a FR  monday, but maybe i was seeing things image 

Look forward to meeting you ladies soon image 

Baby Dust xxx



  • Hi Dooney,

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while. I started Clomid a fertility drug on the 02/02/2013. Are you trying naturally?

    Unforunatly the tablets did not work on me this month.  I was on 100mg from day 3 for 5 days.

    I do hope you get your BFP soon. I always maintain that you can have the most supportive partner/husband but in the end they dont fully understand what you going through. My husband is so supportive but the thought does cross my mind that Im the reason he might not have any children. It palsy with my emotions alot to a point where I dont feel good enough. Where I look at those around me adn wonder Why me? What did I do?

    IN the same month my 2 best friends and I visited the gynea. They both came out lookingpositive that everything seems to be fine and I was the one with the problem. I havent shared any of my details with them either. I told them everything is fine which Im not sure was the right thing to do but at the time it felt like the right thing to do.

    Alot of times I do feel alone, sad and confused. Im hearingof so manypeople who have conceived so easily and here I am taking tablets but was unsuccessful.

    I wish you all the best PLEASE let me know if the Faint line was indeed a positive.

    Baby dust to you!!!

  • Hi lillyflow,

    I'm sorry your feeling the way you are, whatever your going through isn't your fault. I think sometimes we get a downer on ourselves and blame ourselves and whatever may be wrong with us isn't our fault as we can't control nature, and there are always options.

    We have been trying for 3 years and suffered a miscarriage July 2011 and haven't been able to conceive since. I have a large 8 cm fibroid which is attached to my bowel and my tubes etc are all clear.

    I understand what you are saying about having a supportive husband and that's a huge advantage but I don't think men 100% know what a woman feels like when your desperate for a baby.

    This will be our first when we finally get pregnant, is this your 1st child also you are ttc?

    Hmmm the clomid lol I'm on that Hun, not because I don't ovulate but it's just a boost, I've been on it for 2 months now. Most women who don't ovulate are told to take it 2-6 - is that the case with you? Are you not ovulating?

    Ill update on the test as soon as I do it image

    Baby dust xxx
  • Hi again image

    How old are you? Were you ever on any contraceptives?

    yes this would be our first child.


    yes that is the case with me. I had my last natural period on 9th October 2012. Then I never got my period after that. I decided to consult a gynea in the first week of January in order for me to find out what is wrong. I took so many preganancy tests from October till then. Anyway the gynea picked up I have a slight case of PCOS. He tested my insulin and glucose but they came back normal. Thus he put me on Provera to Induce my period and then he put me on Clomid 100mg (taken on day 3-7) and it did not make me ovulate. I will be trying for the second cycle again on 100mg soon in hope that I do ovulate this time.

    Your first month of Clomid - what was your dosage? and is it the same as the dosage you took on your second month?

    My confusion is that if a dosage doesnt work the first time. Like my example where I did not ovulate on 100mg. Am I not supposed to increase the dosage? Or is one still able to ovulate with the second cycle on the same dosage?

    I hope what I typed makes sense!! LOL

    Have a lovely day and thank you so much for your response

    We will have our BFP someday image






  • I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You are in my prayers. God is the best of planners and he has his reasons for everything he does. We always think that when things happens that they happen for a reason I like to think that when things DONT happen they also DONT happen for a reason and will when the time is right.

    Keep the Faith and God is always with you

    Baby Dust to you image

  • Hi Lillyflow, 

    im 37 just gone, so the clocks a tickin lol.

    i was on the pill for 18 years non stop and i didnt ovulate for 6 months after that although i did have a period.

    im on 50mg and tbh they normally start you on that to see how your ovaries react as they dont want to risk over stimulating them. Are you doing the ovulation sticks and doing your temperature on a morning as this means you can keep a check on your ovulation yourself without the need for a blood test at the docs.

    i would keep on 100mg and see how you go, but i was misdiagnosed with PCOS and i was told to take it days 2-6 at the time as it helps to stimulate the follicles, and most people you will find are told to take it days 2-6. ive messed around with the days as i took it last year for a couple of months as well. Ive taken in 2-6, 3-7 and this month 5-9. Im now contemplating which days to take it this month when i start my month 16 cycle on saturday.

    How old are you?

    I got a BFN this morning as i expected image xxx


  • Hi Dooney J

     Oh no for the BFN!!! Keep the faith!!

     I think you have what my sister has. She gets a normal period but does not ovulate whereas I do not get my period at all. Shes 31 years old and been trying for the past 11 years. Also on clomid and she hasn’t been successful. But she has been on and off on fertility treatments. I think when she gets  negative result she sort of gives up in a way then puts it off for a few months then starts with something again. I always wondered how it is possible to not ovulate but get your periods. Like is it the same getting your periods and not ovulating or not getting your periods which means you clearly not ovulating. So confusing hey I guess all our bodies are so different.  

     I did the ovulation kits but they were so expensive! I bought a 8 pack and never picked up a positive results. Most times I would find the normal ones I could never tell between the lighter and darker lines that drove me insane then I bought digital ones which was so expensive Shoooo.. But never picked up on a positive either. But like I said I only bought 8 so only tested 8 times and kept TTC every second day.

     As for temperature I am not sure how that work. But I think I should research that. Thanks

     I am 24 years old.  What I am confused about is that if I had to Induce my period last month in order to start Clomid would the Clomid I took last month helped me so that this month I will get my period on my own?


  • Hello girls, me and hubby been trying since April so getting a tad impatient now lol.

    Had a productive few days around my ov smiley face this month so hoping we did it this month!

    I'm only 5 dpo but woke up feeling shocking image all flu like Achiness, shivery, headache, sicky. Surely it's too early to be pg related? Anyone know? Have weird stitch pains in my lower back too but trying my best to ignore!

    Any advice would be much appreciated xx
  • Hi Nikki1203!

    A ov smiley face!! Thats awesome so far image Please keep us updated!! When will you be testing for pregnancy???

    Are these pains anything similar to your period symptoms? I have read that symptoms are similar but lets hope its pregnancy signs!! image

    Baby dust to you!!!!

  • Hi nikki1203,

    They generally say 6-12dpo is the average time implantation takes place which is generally when symptoms start BUT everyone is different so it could well be pregnancy symptoms image keep us posted image and fingers crossed for uimage

    It gets harder every month doesn't it?

    I'm going to be on CD 1 from saturday so will start listing my symptoms by DPO after oving image

    Lillyflow, I'm going to post u a link in a minute of the ovulation sticks I use, they are brill and cost pennies. I've used them for over 18 months and are very accurate. You may have longer cycles if u have mild pcos so keep testing up to at least 30 days and do it after 2pm as it's The best time to test. Most women dont ovulate on CD14.

    If u go to Boots and ask for a bbt Thermometre (basal body) and stick it in your mouth every morning before u get up and record your temp on and it will tell u when u ovulated, it's brilliant.

    We need to make this thread a lucky one and start getting some BFP's image

    Baby dust xxx

    Here u go lillyflow, you need to 30 miu and 50 tests are ??7.75! Sooooooooooooo cheap xxx
  • Thanks for all the feedback girls image I'm due af next thurs so ill prob be testing before that! Lol got a couple of first responses left over from last month.

    It sure does get harder, and every month I have something different symptom wise to throw me ! Last month I was so convinced I was pg it was so hard to admit defeat in the end image

    I really think we will all be lucky soon! Keep me updated all xx
  • Hi nikki1203,

    i also was convinced i was pregnant this month, and im 100% going to come on tomorrow as i can tell how i feel down there, so onto next cycle i suppose.

    I also think we will be lucky soon, its good to have ppl to talk to going through the same thing.

    Lillyflow did you manage to look at the ov sticks?  xxx

  • Yes, can we!? I read this last night and now I am obsessed! I think I am pregnant but my period is not due until 3/2 (saturday) and I took a pregnancy test this morning but BFN. It wouldnt have been considered my first morning urine because I am a night RN so I was up all night. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 months now for our first baby.

    I dont know if it is obsession or what but I never have sore breast before my period and last month I had really sore breast, then my period came a few days earlier but did not last but 5 days when it is normally around 7.

    Now this month, same obsessing! My breast are very tender and I recently noticed some noticable blue veins (could be my mind playing tricks on me!) on my breasts. Mild nausea and lots of headaches (but I have been getting them frequently for about a month or two now).  Now I feel like I am feeling every symptom there is...but today I noticed some brown creamy CM which turned into darker brown with some red/pink blood. So I am thinking this is my period but its extremely lighter than my period normally is...I also had wicked bad cramps last night that woke me up! So I guess I am out this month...bummed!

    Feel free to obsess! It is nice to get it out and hear others opinions!

  • so that post was from the other the top doesnt make sense, but I found the new post Dooney! Thanks for the invite!

  • Hi Ladies! So sorry for the late response been feeling sick as a dog for the past day! Hope you guys are all well! I'm having such a crappy week besides the bad news from my gynea this week but I guess that just means there hope for a better or rather better weeks to come!

    Today I experienced breast tenderness and cramps. Also feeling like I'm coming down with the flu!

    Nikki 1203 - I know next week feels like a million years away but hopefully it will go quick and we can have some BFP's up in this thread! image but I know how it feels seeing one line on that test. I was actually telling my husband how that negtive result feels like a bad break up haha funny yet true!

    Dooney - thanks a million for the advice. However I am from South Africa Cape Town literally on the other side of the world from the UK image so pricing is totally different this side. I pay approximately 1 pound for 1 test! If I convert our currency!
  • ok ive now got sore boobs and my feet are ridiculously cold especially at night. im cold in general at night actually.. im a bit bunged up but the 'flu' seems to have been a one dayer. 6 days til af due and 7days past my ov day.

    anyone else ever had cold feet as a symptom lol?? xx

  • Nikki1023 - just read that a one day flu feeling is actually a pregnancy symptom! I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    My problem is that I am NOT getting my periods on my own. Thus I had to induce mine so that I can take Clomid. I was supposed to (in a perfect world) get my period 3 days ago. So I don't know if I am LATE (the doc said I did not ov much) or if I am just not getting my period and would have to induce it this month again to start on Clomid round. My question is Does clomid causes you to get your period naturally???
  • Ooh thanks Lillyflow for that wee glint of hope image yea I heard flu like symptoms are cos ur body letting ur defences down briefly so the egg can attach. God I hope so!!

    I have no info on clomid I'm afraid but I do know how annoying it is when af seems to work on its own clock!! Last 2 months my cycle went to 31 days from a stead 28 and both times I thought ooh 3 days late, could it be?? And we were also ttc on the wrong days cos my cycle changed. Bloody annoying!!

    FC for ya xx
  • hello me again, im turning manic lol

    been having sneezing fits and blocked nose and discovered bloody tissues this morning from blowing my nose thru the night. still have really sore boobs but this happened last month. having weird abdominal cramps different to af cramps, quite high up not low as normal. peeing loads but this is also normal lol im still pinning my hopes on that one day of flu i had the other day! and i also miscalculated, af due on sat not thurs, damn it ill need to wait even longer. !

    lillyflow we sound like we are having similar symptoms! lets hope we both get similar bfp's!! baby dust xxx

  • promising 'symptoms' ladies, i have a headache and sore boobs but that cud be AF on her way too! so annoying! AF due on Friday hope she stays away! xxx

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