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4 mc and still not pregnant 9 months later

hi i have a lovley little boy who is six next month he is my world, i have been with my partner for 10 years 2 and a half years ago we started trying again ive had 4 mc since then one at 7 weeks one at 8 weeks one at 9 weeks and one at 12 weeks i havent stopped trying since but its been 9 months now since ive fallen pregnant witch is along time for me as ive been pregnant 3 months after each time ive had blood tests and they found no reasons for this happening im really starting to give up hope the thought kills me but cant take much more is there anyone who know of antone who has had a happy ending xxx


  • So sorry to hear you are going through this.

    We had a baby in 2009, and started trying for another at the start of 2011. I have had 4 miscarriages over the last almost 2 years, I generally fall pregnant quite easily but did have a whole year with no pregnancies, really thought it was never going to happen for us again.

    Now, I'm 16 weeks pregnant, and so far (keeping fingers majorly crossed) everything seems ot be going ok! Starting to feel movement as well!

    During the 4th miscarriage I asked to speak to one of the obstetric consultants at the hospital, as our appointment at the recurrent miscarriage clinic had been very disapointing, they'd taken all the usual bloods which had come back clear, and the Dr basically said to me it's because I was getting old (37). I know I'm no spring chicken but that just felt like she was adding insult to injury. So anyway, got an appointment to see someone else, and she was great. She prescribed me progesteron pessaries, as there is evidence that they can lead to a succesful pregnancy in women suffering from recurrent miscarriage where all the other tests show nothing wrong. There was a big trial going on with it in our area, which she said I could join if I wanted but then there's always the chance you get the placebo, or she said she'd be quite happy just to prescribe them to me for the duration of the first trimester for next time I got pregnant! Needless to say I went for the prescription.

    I don't know if that is why this pregnancy has 'stuck', or if there is something else going on. And I don't know if they woudl work for everyone. But it's another avenue you could try.

    Wishing you loads of love and luck




  • I am so sorry to hear about all your losses. I too had 4 early miscarriages over 2 years of trying and it is completely heart breaking. I am so happy that I now have a beautiful son who is 8 weeks old.just like kittle litten I was prescribed progesterone pessaries for the first 12 weeks, after blood tests showed levels were falling.I had also been taking metformin for pcos.apparently progesterone isn't always prescribed as they aren't sure if it works, but all I know is the time I took it my pregnancy stuck and I ended up with my baby at last. I do hope you get there soon x
  • I have had 3 previous mcs (all 6-8 weeks) and am now 8 + 1 with #4. I'm on baby aspirin but when I asked for progesterone specialist wouldn't give it to me as he said there's no research that suggests it works. I'm feeling a bit annoyed that he's being so resistant when it seems that so many women have had success with it! I've had spotting with this one too but scan last week seemed okay. Fingers crossed...

  • Hi All,

    Last year I fell pregnant just before my wedding in March & after my honeymoon I went & had my 12 weeks scan to find out that my baby has trisomy 13. If your unaware of what trisomy 13 is, basically it means the baby has no chance to live & wont even make a full term pregnancy. My baby had no brain stem, cleft palate, 6 fingers on the left hand & 6 toes on the right foot. So unfortunately we had to terminate the pregnancy at 13 weeks. It was the hardest decision of my life as the babies heart rate was 180bpm, so nice & healthy in that sense.

    I then fell pregnant straight after again but miscarried at 5 weeks on the Queens Bday here in Australia, fell pregnant again straight after & found out at 11.5 weeks that the babies heart stopped beating at 9.5 weeks. So as you can imagine last year for me was emotional train wreck, my husband & I decided to stop trying for a few month to get myself emotionally back on track.

    Ever since we stopped trying I have now stopped ovulating (apparently I only ovulate every few months or so). I have been diagnosed with MTHFR so I need to take extra vitamins & when I do fall pregnant I have to take injections called Clexaine for 12 weeks so that I do no miscarry again.

    Now to the point, my new fertility specialist has put me on Clomid this month just 50mg & I have overreacted to it, I have produced 4 great size follicles & they cancelled my cycle as it was too dangerous due to big possibility of having multiples. We informed Genea & our fertility specialist that we still want to try this month & we have, I'm 5dpo & I have my blood test on Thursday to find out if I ovulated properly. I had a blood test done on the 21st & my progesterone levels were already at 16.2 & my lining was 8mm. I have an appointment with my fertility specialist tomorrow to dicuss our situation (if we dont fall pregnant this month from clomid, our only choice is IVF, as Clomid is too dangerous for me).

    I have been feeling quite sick the past few days, my belly is so sore & heavy, my boobs are starting to get sore, slight constipation (not that you want to know that) & frequent urination. I hate this 2ww, only 6 days to go til I find out. I have had huge mood swings, unbelievable hot flashes & over stimulated belly pains through Clomid. I really just want them to go away, I just keep thinking to myself its for a good cause.

    Also to let you know I have a 4 1/2 yo daughter from a different partner, my husband is perfectly fine. I'm so scared of being pregnant again, trying hard not to get excited or read into things. Just trying to keep my mind occupied in the 2ww is ridiculous.

    Sorry for the essay, sending baby dust to you all. Thanks for your time x

  • I can understand how you're feeling Manda. I cried when I found out I was pregnant again this time. DH couldn't understand it! It just felt like yet another cruel trick that my body was playing on me. I assumed the worst straight away and was miserable at the thought of having to go through my fourth mc so soon after the last. I'm still not very hopeful but I'm trying to be positive. It's so hard though!
  • Daniella I was just reading your previous post in relation to the baby apsrin. My fertility specialist here in Australia is the top specialist for Genea (IVF) & he wouldn't allow me to take asprin as he said the same thing as your specialist, plus baby asprin can actually cause problems later in life for you. He put me on Vitamin B6 & B12 which here in Australia can be brought over the counter & he said that works alot better. Have you been diagonised with any condition as a reason for your mc's??

    I know what you mean about being scared about this pregnancy, I know if I fall again I will be excited but super scared at the same time all the way through to week 13. Try & think positive, are you doing anything differently with this pregnancy? Congratulations on making 8w + 1, the odds go down after you hit the 9 weeks mark, so your almost there. Hold on tight & just believe I guess. xx

  • Hi Manda. The only thing that's different about this one is the aspirin. He wasn't sure if I needed it but I told him that it would make me feel better - I needed to feel I was at least doing something. Perhaps it's working, perhaps not, but either way I've never got this far before so I'm feeling okay about it. It seems like all the specialists have different ideas. The hardest thing is coming to terms with the lack of control. I am a total control freak in the rest of my life so it's very difficult to accept that there's nothing we can do but wait and hope!

    I was so sad to read about your experience of trisomy 13 - I live in fear of getting to my 2nd trimester only to find out there's something genetically wrong. You must have had to develop a really tough shell to cope with some of the problems you've faced. But how are you feeling now? It sounds like you're having symtoms...?

  • Daniella, I had an experience with a dr before I found my feritility specialist. He told me to take nothing & come back & see him if I havent fallen in 9 months time. I was gobsmacked especially when he didnt count 2 of my mc as mc's, only my last one. He said my trisomy baby was just pure bad luck & because my 2nd one didn't have a heartbeat yet he didnt count that either. I felt like I was doing nothing to help myself fall pregnant so I know where you are coming from with the baby apsrin. I'm so glad it is working for you.

    Yes I definately have had to develop a hard shell, its a good thing but also a bad thing as now I cant get too excited about pregnancies & also my anxiety levels rise quickly. Last night I have the worst cramps I've ever experienced, I have a very heavy belly & this morning my boobs are getting alot more sore. I have an appointment with my fertility specialist at 11:30am today so hopefully he can shed some light on whats going on in this belly of mine. I have my 21 day progesterone blood test tomorrow, so truly hoping that that comes back high image

  • News to be spread around:

    I took a test this morning thinking it was way too early to find out as I thought I was only 6dpo but it came back a BFP. Apparently I ovulated on day 10 but I got told day 14 so all confused there. The good thing was I already had an appointment arranged with my FS to see him this morning, so he sent me off to get a blood test, so should get the results this afternoon. I then have to have another blood test on Saturday morning to see how fast the levels are rising to get an indication on how many eggs have fertilised. I start my clexaine injections tomorrow, very nervous about that as I have to do it for a minimum of 10 weeks everyday.

    My husband & I are quite nervous but excited at the same time.

  • Oh my goodness! Massive congrats Manda! I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Maybe this'll be the one...

    I have re-booked my scan for this afternoon. I feel like all my symptoms have gone, and with the spotting as well I need some reassurance. If it's all gone wrong then I'd like to know before the long Easter weekend. Either way from tomorrow I have two weeks off for the Easter holidays (I'm a teacher), so will be able to rest/recuperate properly.

    Rest up good and be kind to yourself. Try to relax as much as possible! xx

  • I had sad news yesterday. Seems like baby is not growing. I knew it really. I know my body and I knew that I felt differently since the weekend. We're going to take a break once this is over. We've had so much heartache this year I need to go back to being me again.

    Massive good luck to the rest of you. I really hope you all go on to have beautiful bouncing bundles of joy in the near future. xxx

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