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Anyone had a c section under general anaesthetic?

Hi everyone. Just wondered what it was like when you woke, do you feel worse than after a section with epidural? Does it take longer to recover? What about emotionally? Has anyone had one section ga and one epidural? Any info appreciated, thankyou xx


  • Hi, i had my c-section with a spinal, even though it was an emergency. My friend gave birth about a month after me and had to have a section under general anaesthetic. She was very disoriented afterwards, and upset that she didn't get to be the first to hold her baby, or see him straight away, but it was the best for them both. We've both recovered equally well, but for some reason she was stitched with stitches that needed removing, whereas mine were dissolvable - this was at the same hospital so we found it a bit strange!

    Have you had to have a section?


  • Hi, thanks for replying! No I havent had one yet, and hopefully won't need one! Im currently 12+3 and worried about low lying placenta. I know its early and they do usually move up and out of the way, but I really don't want a section so if I'm going to need one I want to be prepared and get my head round it as early as possible. The thought really scares me (just the whole process) and although I am also terrified of general anaesthetic (I've had one once before, everything fine, I just worry I guess) I have a genuine fear of needles and don't think I would be able to keep still enough for the epidural. Also scared of something going wrong with the epidural such as paralysis etc. I'm coming across as if I'm scared of everything, I'm not! Just medical things really, didn't help that until I needed an,erpc ive never had anything wrong with me etc. Also, a friend has had continuous problems since her epidural 4 years ago. So im thinking that if I did end up needing a section maybe I would opt for a ga. X
  • Will you be given the option for a general?

    While I was pregnant I wasn't at all worried about labour and the birth, except for the thought of having to have a section. But I also never expected to need one, so it was a complete shock to me! I was terrified because i was concerned i'd be able to feel it, and i never wanted an epidural because of the thought of the needle in my back.

    Ryan was facing sideways so after pushing for an hour they decided they had to get him out, and i was hysterical because i was so unprepared for it. However, my second midwife was ace, she calmed me down, they let me continue with the gas and air while they did the spinal (not sure if this is the same as epidural, or if it just goes in the same place) and the anaesthetist was really reasurring too. I didn't feel a thing, and he was out in no time.

    I had him at 4.45pm, and they had me up and about the next day at 11am. Had no problems with my stitches. Didn't really have many afterpains, just a bit achey. They gave me dichlofenac (sp.) and paracetamol, and had to have clexane injections to avoid DVT. Didn't take my full course of painkillers as I just didn't need them. Recovered really well, was driving at 4 weeks, but out and about walking before that, although i knew about it if i over did it.

    If you do have to have one at least you will be prepared, and can talk through all your fears beforehand. I feel really positive about it as it all went well and I have my beautiful baby safe and sound! Also left us with a funny anecdote - hubby tells me the surgical team all gasped when they pulled him out as he was 9lb 12oz, big baby!

    Let me know if you'd like to ask anything else about it, or for more reasurrance. Hopefully though your placenta will have moved by your 20 week scan so you won't have to worry!



  • Hi,

    I had an emergency section and for me it was the best part of the whole birth experience. I was also up and about the next day and recovered quickly with little pain. I've asked for an elective this time as I don't want the worry of something going wrong again and it makes me feel more in control, which I know is the opposite of what most people feel. My sister and 2 sil have also had sections and all had positive experiences. Like you I've just been told I have a low lying placenta at 20 week scan but feel I've been given no advice about it. I know they can move but some don't and I'm due to fly and don't know what to do, going to see gp next week.

    Hope you get some reassurance, good luck Inka xx
  • Tigerlily, didn't realise you had replied again, thankyou. If you say you want it done under general, they don't have much choice! Haha joking aside, they tend to listen to you more when its not your first, so I'm confident I'd get one if thats what I wanted. Wow 9lb 12! Sounds like a section was definitely for the best for you image Thankyou for replying, it has helped to reassure me a little. Inka, im glad you had a positive experience! I didn't realise a low lying placenta was a problem except when it comes to giving birth. I think you'll be fine to fly image xx
  • Hello love, I ended up having an EMCS under general anaesthetic and I found it very traumatic, but mostly because it was so unexpected . I had placenta previa unknown to everybody and of course it was blocking my cervix causing bubs to be distressed. Then it caused me to have a massive bleed so my emcs went down the anaesthetic road. It was v scary having someone yell 'code red, category one emergency' . I missed the first three hours of my baby's life , wasn't able to share that moment with my partner, was too preoccupied with feeling sick and not being able to swallow that I couldn't pay any attention to my newborn image it all upset me so much, I'm sure it contributed towards my post natal depression. Those first moments are precious xxxxxxx
  • Hi

    Hi even with emergency sections there are three categories of emcs. 

    Category 1 means thu need baby out ASAP and there is a risk which means a GA would be safer for you both. This tends to bOdin case the mother might need a longer surgery afterward or the experience might be unpleasant. 

    Category 2 is when all baby has gotten distressed so baby needs to be out as soon as possible but there is no apparent risk to mother and it baby of other complications. 

    Category 3 is very common and this is usually to do with failure to progress. This could be due to position, exhaustion, small pelvis but baby would usually be ok. Maybe starting to show signs if distress. 

    Only category one is usually a general anaesthetic but technically all would have the potential to go to a GA if this is in the best interests. 

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