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Hi, I'm new

Hi, I just wanted to come on and say hello, and introduce myself.

I'm louise, 32, and mummy to my wonderful and much loved cheeky monkey little boy, Phoenix, 11 weeks.

I also have two step-children, Reece 12 and Nicole 11, who adore their little brother, but only see him every other weekend when they come to visit.

Can anybody tell me how to create a ticker please.

I work full time from home and somehow manage to juggle that with raising my little boy and giving him all the attention he needs without any childcare, but can anybody tell me if you ever get better at this organisation lark 'cos I definately need lessons!!!


  • Hi Louise

    Welcome to PP!!  Congratulations on your little boy, Pheonix is such a fab name!

    I am Caroline, also 32, mummy to Bronwyn  and 21 weeks or so pregnant!

    To create the tickers you need to go to a website such as, follow the instructions and then you copy and paste the code into your profile signature box. There is a post somewhere from a guy called Sean who has been helping us with the new site. He explains how to do it, if you struggle to get it done then I am sure that he will help you!!

    This is the link to the help post

  • Hi Louise, welcome to PP! Also am loving the name Phoenix how cool!! You do sound as though you have your hands full there! I work part time two full days a week which is enough for me. Means last night I was up at 10o'clock still mopping floors and cleaning the bathroom, as hubby is fab with the kids but not with the housework lol!!

     Im Nicola by the way, also 32!! Mum to 3 boys: Tom 9yrs, Tate 2.5yrs and Luka 1yr...looking forward to chatting more xxxx

  • Hi lousie

    Im Emma and mum to riley 3 1/2yrs. congrats on your little boy and phoenix is a great name.

    Organising does get easier in time, i thinkimagelol.

    chat soon.

  • Hi Louise,

    Welcome to PP, I'm Karen and mami to Hollie who is 10 months old nearly. I love the name phoenix but my partner hates it so i am not allowed to use it. But i think it is such a cute name. xx

  • Hi louise i'm sarah mum to jd 7 months. Welcome to pp and lok forward to chatting soon x
  • hi louise

    welcome to pp im emma mum to stephen 5yrs, christopher 3yrs, mollie is 2yrs on sat and abbie 7months

    look forward to chatting to you soon xx 

  • Hiya Louise

    Welcome to PP!!

    I'm Dawn, 28 and mummy to Cameron who's 15 months!! I work part time 2 days a week which is more than enough for me, although i'm on summer hols at the mo which is just fab!!

    Like Emma said, you do get better at organisation!! Just give it some time image

    Look forward to chatting more soon xx

  • Hi louise, welcome to pp. I'm marie 31 and mum to jake, 3 in sept. 

    Look forward to speaking soon. xx 

  • Hi Louise

    Sorry some how missed your post, I'm Cheryl and ttc no 1. Look forward to chatting soon x

  • Hi Louise welcome

    Im Sammi Im mummy to Kai who's almost 10 months. I went back to work a month ago and am becoming alot more organised now, though there are always days when plans go completely out of the window!

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