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Too much? Too little?

How much is too much or too little? I think Annabel would continue to eat until she pops if I didn't control her portion size. I read somewhere that a full sealed pouch is too much to give for stage one weaning. I was giving Annabel just half a pouch then some fruit, but she cries and screams when finished so I now give her a full pouch (when not doing homemade) and some sort of finger food, bread, a rice cake ect. She would eat a whole banana if I let her.

We are currently on two meals a day, breakfast and dinner but will be reintroducing a lunch meal too (have been on holiday for 2 weeks so all routine was ruined).  When I make her own food (which I did until we were on holiday) I give her about two ice-cube sized portions of food but don't think this will be enough now. Annabel is now 6.5 months and we have been weaning for about 4 weeks. She is breast fed on demand. Wakes once over night for feed at about 4 am.

I know each baby is different but would love to hear what you think, I don't want to over feed or starve her.



  • Hi Nicola! both my LOs were hungry little things at the same age as Annabel (and still are!) and were also breast fed on demand. I found that both knew when they had had enough, sometimes they would eat more than the portion I gave them, other days they would only want a little. They would also be eating the same type of amounts as Annabel at a sitting (ie equivalent of 1 pouch + finger food and also sometimes fruit puree!). I suggest adding another ice cube of food to Annabels portions, maybe just one meal at first (lunch/dinner) and see how she gets on.You are definitely not over feeding or starving her! I would say keep an eye on the portions of sweeter foods or foods/snacks you would consider 'treat foods' when she is hungry so she does not come to prefer them over savoury options .I know what its like worrying if your LO is eating too little or too much, I did it constantly with my first!! Go with your instinct though and be rest assured, Annabel will let you know when she has had enough....or not! image

  • This was my biggest worry when I started weaning as I had no idea how much I should have been feeding him and I'm still not 100% sure (he is now 10 months) 

    So far we have been lucky that he will not over eat and lets me know when he has finished. I have friends whos babies just eat and eat and eat! I find he changes daily depending on how much milk he has had (as I'm still breastfeeding on demand) and what mood he is in. I make food in smaller portions so I can just add more to his dish on days when he is hungry.

  • My little one lets me know when he has finished eatting as he clamps his mouth and moves his face when I try spoon feed him. I worry sometimes that he is not eating enough. But then, I just think that like adults they too have their off days and some days when he wants to eat more. If I feed him a ready made meal, he will have 80% of it and then have a fruit smoothie (90g) or some fruit to eat. I make sure he eats a snack in the morning and afternoon and this is normally finger food.


    Annie is nearly 9 months now and I still don't know how much to give her, ha ha. She is getting better at self regulating how much she takes and I am getting better at recognising her cues as to when she's full. I still think that she would eat and eat if I let her. She tends to have a large breakfast and a large evening meal but a smaller lunch.

    I find it hilarious that if anybody else eats, Annie goes wild and starts to shake in excitement, She has to be given food or all hell will break lose.

  • lol! Mia is the same! she will literally explode if she sees anyone eating and she doesn't have anything! At the moment I am finding she is always hungry and always wanting food! I'm putting it down to a growth spurt! although I have increased her portion sizes, and give her snacks, she will still want more, and will go to the fridge on her own or stand outside the kitchen door shouting for more. She gets quite upset when I say no and there are sometimes stand offs, which make feel terrible, but I know she is getting more than enough and I don't want her overeating! image

  • Lol. My son is the same. When someone else is eating, he is very interested in their food and he is their best friend If they share with him! 

  • It is actually really embarrassing as the girl has no boundaries, even people on the bus, walking down the street, sat on the next table in a café, she will go wild for whatever it is that they are eating. LOL.

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