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Where to buy maternity jeans??

Just wondered where you have bought yours from?? googled it but all the sites ive found seem really expensive. Just want a nice, resonable priced pair of jeans.
Cant believe how many shops dont have a maternity section??? surely they most know there is always gonna be a pregnant women waddling about in need of



  • Verbaudet! Cheap & good...but be warned their sizing is all to pot for jeans, well for me anyway - I have to buy size 8's from them (nowt to complain about really! :lol: ) even though I'm more a size 12 in every other shop.
    I got a really good deal on my last pair - ??8.20 in the sale (was a few weeks ago now though) & make sure you google for a discount code to get free delivery...I used 0097 which gave me free delivery but I don't know if it is still valid.

  • I agree with Frags_Jones, vertbaudet are great for maternity clothes & they are good quality as well as being really reasonably priced. I also have a pair from Dorothy Perkins but not all their stores stock the maternity range & I have a pair from Mothercare too which are nice.
  • Hi huni. Do you have a newlook their sell gud maternity wear rather cheap to. X x x
  • To be honest i struggled buying maternity trousers.
    There is not much choice.
    I settle for a pair of skinny fits from DP's-??20 bargain, and a pair of glared jeans again from DP's-these were in the sale.

    Newlook is also good but the sizes are slightly weird, i would normally be an 8 but they are huge on me. Im not complaining.

  • Hi

    I am living in my next maternity jeans at moment, theyre sooo comfy and only ??28! Theyre boy fit and gorg! I also got a pair out of New Look and theyre ace too, think they were ??25.
    New Look has some fabby maternity clothes, ive got a few tops. Got a nice red top saying 'My Bump Rocks!!' hehe.

    Happy Shoppng xx

  • i got a new look and next pair of jeans from ebay for 15 quid- bargain
  • I bought mine from New Look..they were only 12 pounds...i didn't want to spend too much either as you are not in them that long....They are really comfy & are a stretchy material ...i also bought some maternity Jog pants only 10 pounds...great for lounging in also from New Look.
    This is the cheapest i have seen on the High Street.

    Good luck getting the right jeans for you:\)

    little missie x
    17 + 1
  • i got all mine from new look x
  • the only place in my town that does them is peacocks!! Trousers and jeans are both ??15 - not bad really! I will prob get mine there rather than travelling anywhere else as don't want to spend loads of money xx
  • my local new look sucks as doesnt have a maternity section, might have to head to the bigger stores in leeds or manchester to find some
  • Hi, I got 2 pairs from Mothercare. They were ??30 each so not cheap, but for me worth every penny- the stretchy bit comes up right over my bump so they don't slip down, unlike the ones I had during my last pregnancy which nearly drove me mad! They also have adjustable elastic at the sides, so I can let them out as my bump grows xx
  • I recommend you to check here

  • i found Next really nice, comfy and affordable at £25 also their over the bump black trousers for work are super comfy i could live in them, certainly a must if you have a c section for comfort

  • I got mine from my first pregnancy from Dorothy Perkins. They've got enough wear in them to use again for this pregnancy!!! 

    Check out the Gap sales too (the maternity section is usually in BabyGap). They do INCREDIBLE stuff really cheap in their sales.

    I've even seen Primark doing maternity jeans! x

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