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Working, being a mum, Christmas shopping...arg!



I just wondered if anyone else works fulltime, is a mum and is going mental trying to get Christmas shopping done?! I'm trying to find special, indivdual pressies and not just bulk buy from the toy pages of Argos!!

What are your favourite sites for buying kids stuff? Especially stuck for nice clothing!


  • try not on the highstreet. have to admit im a stay at home mum and argos and boots is mainly were ive headed

  • Ahh they are good, I've had some pressies off there for adults, but then again I kind of feel like they still count as a big company. I wanted to use smaller ones.

    Have you ever bought from Facebook companies?

  • But also I do totally agrees B + A are failsafe places...wish I had never set myself this challenge haha!

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