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Pre-eclampsia or not?

hi all


i am 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow,I have been unwell for about three weeks but it is not constant. I am diabetic and this is my first baby. Around three weeks ago I was vomiting due to a headache that was sort of like a feeling of motion sickness. I was taken to the DAU and they tested my ursine which had a trace of protein, my BP was slightly elevated for me at 130 but nothing to be hugely concerned about according to doctors. They monitored baby and she was fine, sent urine away and bloods too. All came back clear and I was told it could be stress and I was recommended a sick note and to be off work.


at my midwives appointment two days later she found protein and a high BP so I was admitted to the hospital over night but nothing was confirmed and I was sent home. Felt like I was wasting their time.


i continued these headaches on and off for the next week, indigestion/heartburn started mid week and I just didn't feel well. I also started to get a pain in my right shoulder. On friday last week I woke early and ate breakfast before my headache starting and an uncontrollable urge to vomit. I couldn't stop, anything that went in came back out, I couldn't get any sugar into me which is a problem when diabetic. I have usually been able to prevent the need to g to hospital by drinking sugary fluid but I couldn't keep it down. Luckily I had an antenatal appointment as soon as I got there I was sick and they rushed a drip into me to give me glucose and fluids. My urine showed 3+ protein, BP was raised to over 140 but this was put down to being unwell recently. I was admitted for 8 hours, bloods came back fine, urine was sent away to the lab and then I was sent home still feeling unwell.


it is now Monday and no one has confirmed if there is a UTI or has told me what was wrong. the symptoms have got worse over the past three weeks, I don't have swelling and apparently the headaches I have are not associated with pre-eclampsia. I have the indigestion/heartburn feeling back and it feels like it is stuck in my throat and that I could be sick at anytime. Am I worrying about nothing? I don't have a scan until next Friday now so how will I know my baby is ok? Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?


Any advice welcomed!


  • If yr worried go see your gp. Your bp will go up with stress. I have severe pre eclampsia which developed out of nowhere and my only symptom was a swollen face. My ankles were only mildly swollen. Midwife wasnt concerned and didnt take my blood pressure as it waa a meeting in my house to discuss the birth plan and her bp cuff was in her car. 5 days later I was in hospital and had baby delivered by an emergency section within 20minutes of getting there, I was only meant to be getting checked as I hadnt felt wee one move.

    Don't get freaked by my story, apparently its rare for pre eclampsia to be as fast acting and as severe as mine was. I was told that over and over but definitely keep getting your urine tested for protein.
  • I would definitely be asking questions though as I had 4 plusses of protein when my kidneys were failing but I guess they must have done an analysis on yr urine when u had three.
  • Apparently I have to wait 4 days for the tests on my urine. I'm just worried as I am 40 mins from the hospital and if i can't keep anything down again I'm not sure I would make it... Thank you for your reply, I will keep an eye on the protein and hope that it doesn't develop in to pre-e!

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