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pains do they feel worse?

Hi ladies 

As most of you will know i had 2 m/c last year the last one was 24/12/2013 and now i am 6 weeks pregnant again.

Has anyone else gone on to fall fast after a m/c and feel more??

Iv having odd cramping to the left side and im living in fear that any min il go to the loo and see bleeding!

the cramps are not painful like the m/c but i do feel them more, and the dull back ache is this all normal?

I know if i m/c there is nothing i could have dont to change it but just wondered if anyone else felt this way?

Also i seem to have a bit of a big bump i am only 6 weeks and with my first boy i didnt have much of a bump till 20 weeks.

This is my 4th pregnancy but will only be baby no2 xx


  • I got a really bad pain walking back from supermarket the other day. It was nothing to worry about.

    What I have found is that after my work im all sore in my pelvis and back, draggy feeling on my tailbone to. I only work 4 hour shift.

    I take these as signs to put my feet up as after a while they go. Hope its just tiredness for u too. Ooo also mines settled once I was able to start passing bowel motions regularly again this last week.

    Guess what? I have mobile version back on my phone now image xxx
  • I get cramping and twinges (and swelling) more on the right as thats the fallopian tube I lost. What side was yr surgery? xxx
  • Hi babes so glad you back!!!!! i was worried i would lose touch with you image

    I had the right side taken away, its odd some times i get ovulation pains that side which is impossible as there is nothing there lol

    I find after iv been to the loo the cramping stops, i have more of a gutty ache than af cramps, back ache but that goes when i sleep lol, it gets worse as the day goes on but coming the morning after sleep in fine.

    Im sure im worrying over nothing, i phoned the miscarrage support line today for some info and this is what they told me.....

    Yes 1 in 10 pregnancy's end as a m/c, 5% out of 100 go on to have 2 m/c in a row and 1% go on to have a 3rd in a row.

    I told them about mine last year and i said i was one of the 5% that had 2 in a row and i was now 6 wks 1 day again, she said that once you get to 6 weeks m/c risk is halved, at 8 weeks its halved again.

    She also said to me that because this is my 3rd pregnancy with in a year i would be feeling more, i said could that be what the twinges and pulling gutty feelings are, she said she believed so.

    Roll on the 17th! i so want to see my baby xxxxx

  • I juat read that pregnancy is more sore after a mc. What I gather from your symptoms... cos they match mines is that your muscles and ligaments are getting tired as the day goes on.

    Roll on 12 weeks so we can actually look forward to the rest of pregnancy lol. Im sure the worry makes all these niggles worse in the fact we can't just ignore them the way u can in a first pregnancy. I dont remember them in my first. Can you? xxx maybe they are worse in subsequent pregnancies. I had them in my second but not the first.
  • i dont remember any pains in my first it was very smooth, blood pressure stayed normal the whole time lol xx

  • Sarah hi honey I've also had the pains. Mine is on the right most of the time. Are you constipated? Your colon is on the left side of your belly and sometimes when I haven't gone my tummy hurts on the left side. I think most of these achs and pains are normal but after you have been through things like we have been we are scared about everything. 3rd times a charms hunny. We need to start a thread for all of us 3timers.
  • Defo huni let me know if u start one up!!!

    im feeling ok today no pains what so ever image week on monday il feel better when iv seen my boy xx (im sure its a boy) xx

  • Have started up a thread babes xx

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