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Bright red blood pouring out

I went to the toilet last night and when i looked down as felt dripping the loo was just bright red blood and it was just pouring out of me. Luckly my mum was there at the time so shouted her to come look if she thought was normal. She said it could just be my period now but with it pouring out like that it cant be? It hurts a bit inside when i wee now as well. Like a pulling pressure type feeling. Read on google about placenta being left inside sometimes like little parts but my notes say all came out but the way the doctor was as my mum has now said when he was delivering Sienna and stitching me back up he counted these swab things to make sure he had removed them all from me and seemed muddled up and the midwife had to count them. Seems like he just didnt have a clue and he was apparantly meant to be one of the high doctors there. I could imagine it to all turn around and he is actually a trainee. Its just one thing after another at the minuet. Labour was nothing compared to what im going through now and i always thought labour would be the worst and then all ok after. Sorry for moaning its just getting me so down now


  • I wouldn't have thought it would b a period so soon after but I guess it could b. I started pouring blood at 9 weeks and needed 5 lots of anti biotics over 5 weeks to stop it. I'd call ur mw or gp hun x

  • i would call gp or midwife it dont sound right, i got my first period 12 weeks after having my son and it was very very heavy i couldnt walk from one room to another with out having to get changed! xx

  • I rung the midwife number and the midwife i seen during pregnancy is going to come out and see me so will see what she says xx
  • Good luck x

  • Glad you have called the MW - doesn't sound normal to me. Hope it all turns out OK though xx

  • Well MW came over. She said basically the same as the Dr that it can take upto 6 months to heel but as each day comes i should be in less pain. So i have no idea why the previous MW said it would only take 3-4 weeks and she even looked at it.

    The blood loss she reckons is because i was on my feet quite a bit yesterday. I only walked to and from the Drs which is down the road and did a little cleaning. She didnt sound worried though about it. I can finely sit on my bum though!! She shown me a way which im happy about.

    Also ive been prescribed strong painkillers as she was shocked the Dr yesterday only gave me paracetamol. Asked how common it is that after 6 months could need surgery if not heeled. She said its not popular but some women do go on to having it. Hopeee i wont be one of them!!

    So have a long way to recovery image xx
  • Glad you have some better painkillers hun , n hope the bleeding's eased off abit , with such a bad cut n stitches you should be doing nothing other than sitting n feeding Sienna-lily , try to do as little as possible n hope it makes a difference x x 

  • If it happens again go back to your gp. After my section I had blood running out of me when I went to the toilet 3-4 weeks after birth and it turned out I had a uterus infection. Antibiotics reduced it but I still had bleeding atr 8 weeks after delivery at which point I passed a large golf sized piece of placenta! Trust your instincts if it doesn't seem right.
  • Oh Haleigh. I'm so sorry you haven't had it easy at all. You'll get through this and when you do you will have a gorgeous wee baby going through fun stuff and it won't matter anymore.

    In the mean time its important to try and find reasons to smile as constant pain and stress can bring you down. Try and find something small to enjoy at some point in the day, the smallest thing and make sure you acknowledge to yrself that it was good. Only saying that as I think you might need to safeguard yrself against developing PND with all the pain and trauma you have been going through.

    Hope things pick up real soon
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