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My 4 year old is still having accidents usually daily. I'm concerned how long it is taking to 'click' with him. It's mainly when he is occupied/distracted. Has anyone any advice on how to help him please? 


We toilet him regularly, as do pre-school. He has a sticker chart. Would like him to be dry when he starts school ideally.






  • I haven't been on this site for a really long time. Have to just say how much it has changed. Would never before have people looking but not replying lol


    Is my son really the only child that has ever done this lol?

  • Hi hun my little one was like this at preschool, shed sit eating her snack and just wee everywhere. She did just grow out of it though youre definitely doing the right thing by giving him plenty of prompts to go to the loo and the reward chart. She's 5 in 16 days and is totally dry and clean in the day bar the odd trickle if she doesn't make it in time lol just trying to get her dry at night now, if anyone has any tips be much appreciated! Stick at it hun hell get there x

  • My 4.5yr old has ASD & GDD so is still in nappies. Generally the advice we get from the continuance nurse is that the average time for bladder to fill is 2hrs so we try asking LO to sit on potty/toilet every 1hr in hope of them managing to go whilst seated on there. Lots of praise for 'trying' & even more when they succeed.

    As for night time, this can commonly take another year after being dry during the day. Ask LO to try going to toilet shortly before bedtime (part of bedtime routine 'clean face, toothpaste, a tinkle then a hug...') & if they are thirsty try to avoid black currant drinks (these are more likely to make you want to wee as are dialectics).

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