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I want to know when can.i.start exercising&running after labor !


  • You mean after you had the baby?

    It depends really how the delivery goes. You could end up having a c section which needs alot of time and rest to heal, you may need stitches down there which you also need to rest. I went out the next day after givinf birth, did too much and stitches opened and i was in agony for ages.

    Ideally though after evey birth you did need rest. Even if you feel ok. I got told to start exercising when doctor gave the go ahead at the 6 week check up x
  • You do need rest not did lol
  • Thanx its been a month and a week since i gave birth tho
  • Yeah then it should be fine tbh. As long as you feel ok then i dont see why not image
  • Thank you=)
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