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Placenta low at 20 week scan....rebooked in for another scan

Hi ladies

Maybe some peeps on here might be able to assist me,

I went for my 20 week scan this week and all is well with baby but was told my placenta is low down by the cervix neck??? they have booked me in to be re scanned at 34 week's.

She told me that im most case's the placenta will move up out of the way by then, but some time it dont.

If the placenta has not moved what the out come for me? will i be able to have a normal birth? my first born was a normal birth, he was back to back and thats also some thing that is playing on my likely is it to have 2 back to back births????

Any info would be great as i dont want to google it lol would rather hear 1st hand from you ladies on here xxx


  • Hi hun mine was low but moved up in time, I think you would have to have a section if it was covering it but not sure what they do if it's just near to your cervix. I guess it depends how close it is as there's a danger of haemorrhage when u start to dilate But plenty of time for it to move x

  • Hi Hun,

    hope alwell not been on here in a while been manic, I had a low lying placenta and told mine would move mine did not was in and out of hosI with bleeding from 26 week onwards 3times having to ring ambulance was that bad was scanned at 31 week to be toldninhad grade 4 placenta Previa this is where it totally covers cervix but alas also started to come away from my womb wall not good, despite this my hospital still sent me home, the next morning my bathroom was covered in blood sorry tmi I was soooo scared I rang a ambulance and transferred to a different hospital to find out my placenta had burst i was rushed for section this all happened in June I was 8 week early I wasn't actually due till this week lol, luckily all is ok with us both and just recently came out if hospital, I no this wasn't what you problI wanted to hear but I didn't wana read and run, on the other side though doctors did say there is only a 5% chance of this happening to women and is quite rare and that most placentas do move, if yours doesn't they will give you a section Hun as its not safe for you to deliver naturally but they will keep scanning u up t 38 weeks before they make a descion, 



  • Its very common and mine moved in time. It was described to be that if you start to blow up a ballon and put a dot near the bottom as you keep blowing it up the dot will keep rising as the ballon stretches. Does that make sence? X
  • Hi ladies S B huni omg!!!! i was only thinking about you the other day!!!!! im so glad to read that your both ok! image big smiles and hugs being sent to you image xxxx

    Can i ask what you had S B? xxxx

    iv got my scan on the 15th of september so about a month to go now image i still find it hard to think il be 30 weeks on tuesday, but glad to be heading to the final stretch! 

    im sure il be fine either way, i just want him here, i can feel him moving and kicking but i do think his breached still, but i think his still got loads of time to move??


  • Hey hun they won't b worried about breech till 37 weeks then they'll scan u and start talking about ecv or c section so u have a few weeks yet image GL! X

  • Thanks babe, my main thing is to find out if the placenta has moved or not lol

    plenty of time for him to move then lol whats ecv?? im hoping if all goes to plan he wont be back to back again lol xxx

  • External cephalic version, they try n turn baby around from the outside. I was booked in for it but as she was feet first  they wouldn't do it x

  • Hey Hun, 

    aww thanks Hun ????and yea all is now good,

    i had a little girl Hun she was 4lb she's 8 week old now n only 6lb,

    cant believe ur 30 week Hun that's flew by, how u feeling is you're little boy excited? 


    Are you having a boy? 


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