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Talkback: False positive or false negative pregnancy test?



  • I have started bleeding in the middle of my pill, I took a pregnancy test and it has a very very faint line, could this mean I'm pregnant? Help please x
  • I need help bad I feel like screaming. As of today I'm 10 days late and I'm never this late I have been late by 1 day but not 10, I have did over 8 test and all was (-) so I'm like am I pregnant. My last period was Jan 29 and the crazy part is everybody asking me about symptoms but I'm not having any but a little backache. My Dr can't give me a good reasons on the problem but I'm getting a ultrasound done next week. I'm trying not to stress but I'm so confuse am I pregnant?
  • hey so i need some help last month i had got my period on february 6 for 3 days very light, then when we were active i started spotting then this month ive been crazy exhausted, yesterday i started getting very sick woke up at 3;30 am and got sick then again at 8 am... ive had sore boobs, heart burn but yesterday i started getting cramps and been kinda gasy lol... so i took a test today clear blue it has a faint plus line then waited a half hour hour drank some coffee and milk woke up then went and got a digital clear blue test and it come back negative any tips
  • So I am now 6 days late. On day of missed period, I took an EPT and it was faint positive. Waited a day again and still very faint. Have had a loss before so wasn't sure if actually still prego or just chemical pregnancy, so I want to MD and they tested urine 2 times and NEGATIVE. I asked them to do blood and they did yesterday and called me back today and said the test was "detectable" at 19.4 IU/L would not say positive preg. want me to come back again for blood test tomorrow to see if my hormone going now I don't find out for two more days. This has been THE longest week. I had some cramping but NO sign of blood have no idea if I have a viable pregnancy or not...this waiting SOOOOOO hard!
  • Hi. A couple weeks ago I done a home pregnancy test it came up with 2 lines but one was very faint but me and my partner both see the line but faded away after a couple minutes I have done a few since then and all negative but I'm just over a week late over my period could anyone help
  • Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help.
    I found out that was I pregnant last week 12.04.14. Since then I did a further three pregnancy tests which were all positive. Yesterday, I had cramping and spotting when I wiped myself. Went to the out of hours GP, and he said sometimes that can be normal at this stage, but if there were any changes to go to A&E.This am I had spotting and cramping so I went to a&e. They did a pregnancy test and came back negative which i was really suprised. Got home, and I did another 2 pregnancy tests and are positive. IAM REALLY CONFUSED AT THE MOMENT! PLEASE HELP!
  • I took a pregnancy test at home came back positive... I then went to the doctors and they gave me a urine test to do. I done the urine test it came back negative?? I feel pregnant within myself am I pregnant or am I not ???
  • Hi i had a 2/3 day period usually i go 7 days . Out of curiosity i took a preg test which had very faint line .then re did another n was neg then a + one so confused ...
  • I had 2 positive HPT went to the doctors and their test came up negative, I was already 2 days past my period due date so she said the test was 100% and I was definitely NOT pregnant - luckily I never believed them as I was pregnant (good job I'm not a young teenager who would have accepted it and carried on partying!).  This happened with both of my children, the doctors test came back negative - I am now 6 weeks pregnant with my third, I have had the signs since a week before my period due date - we should just trust our own bodies and let nature take its course - I hope all if the stories above were successful x

  • So here's my story. Husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 2 months only. I'd been on the pill for the last 10 years and thought for sure we wouldn't conceive for awhile still. I was due on sunday to begin my period and nothing came. I didn't think too much of it but bought a couple First Response Digital pregnancy tests anyways with the intent of taking it in a week if I still hadn't started. Well on a whim, the Monday morning, I decided what the hell, might as well take one. A few minutes later, my result said positive. At this point I was shocked it happened so fast. So I told my husband and went to the clinic. The clinic took.a test and first told me it was negative and asked why I thought I was pregnant. After explaining to him my situation and showing the results of my test, a very definite yes +, he said he trusted my test more and went to recheck his test, which he said oh there's a faint line. He schedule me for blood work and told me to go see my doctor. That night I went to bed, still hardly believing the situation. I woke up at 2 and needed to pee again, so to see if it was real or not, I took the second first response test. Again it came back positive. I went about my day, got my blood work done. I had always been miticulous about charting my periods, ovulating amd intercourse so I figured i was only about a month along according to my last period. Got a little more excited and even built up the nerves to tell my family we were expecting. Now, I had bought the clear blue weeks indicator test just to confirm my suspicions as to how far along I am. Although it said first morning pee, I took it at 2 am again when my body woke up. But this time, it said not pregnant. I'm trying to stay calm but now I'm starting to doubt this pregnancy. 1 positive, 1 false negative, 1 positive, 1 negative. What do I do?
  • Hi lady's , me and my partner are trying for a baby I am now 6 days late and have done 3 tests one out of the three had a faint second line and I don't want to get my hopes up but what are your views ? X
  • So today 9/10 i have tookin a pregnancy text and the positive line was REALLY light ... it's been almost 3 weeks since i had unprotected sex.
    But like a week ago I've had bad cramps and around the same time i been spotting real light pinkish blood and with discharge. . It stoped after a day or two.. and now my boobs been hurting the nipple area and kinda itching,

    Help ..please

    Does this mean i could be pregnant???

    Thanks you
  • I just took a pregnancy test after an accident 3 weeks ago. There is a Very faint line on one test and nothing on the other. What do you guys think? Is it possibly it's a fluke?
  • Can somebody help please . I had 3 positives last monday bu wednesday started to bleed brownish blood. By late friday eve lots of red blood. Went to A&E saturday morning . Wasnt offerd a scan as 2 tests came back negative. Was just sent away with no explanation. Yesterday being tuesday had a weird feeling . Took a test its positive. Did another one this morning and positive. Im going to have blood tests today. Had anyone experianced this?
  • So I came off the implant just over 2 months ago now, so me and my partner could try for a baby, the last 2 weeks or so I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms, so I decided to do a test, first one came back with one clear solid line and the other line faint, but not faint enough that no one could see it! I then went on to do 3 more home tests and they've all come back the same, I then went to the doctors and done a pregnancy test there and it come back exactly the same thing, one clear dark line and the other quite faint, I'm not on holiday for a week and have to wait until I get back to do a blood test and have a urine sample sent off to the hospital, can anyone explain what this could mean, as I'm unsure about whether I could be pregnant or not.. Thanks x
  • Over the last two weeks I have been needing to urinate more frequently. Around the last week or so I have been feeling extremely exhausted and can't complete basic activities.Then over the last 4 days I began to feel extremely bloated. I feel like when I was suppose to get my period around October 16th, I thought I got it but it was just heavy dark blood and was over within 3 days. Then the following week I was peeing more often. I took a test today but it was negative. Could I still be pregnant? I feel like I have all the symptoms but I might just be psyching myself out.
  • I have just had my 6th m/c. I am taking part in a trial where I become pregnant and I'm put on either a placebo or the actual drug in order to try and prevent m/. I am however really confused because this last m/c is strange. I tested positive on 23.05.15 and started spotting then 4 days later had a full blown period until 1.6.15 but I was at the hospital this morning to get tested for the trial and tested negative. How is this possible when I've been testing positive all week and they have been really strong positives and then I get a bfn? I'm absolutely devastated because this is now m/c number 6 I'm starting to think there is something wrong with me and I'm starting to lose hope. Can anyone advise to how this is possible. Thank you
  • I have bought 2 boxes of pregnancy tst from pound shop and all my 8 tests have been positive but a faint line all the time and I bought one from pharmacy and that came negative and 3 from shop negative as well my friend took one from pound shop it says she was pregrant too and the she took one
  • I have bought 2 boxes of pregnancy tst from pound shop and all my 8 tests have been positive but a faint line all the time and I bought one from pharmacy and that came negative and 3 from shop negative as well my friend took one from pound shop it says she was pregrant too and the she took one from different shop and she isn't pregrant and I am 11 over due and 4 days until me nexted overlation and 40 days in my cycle just need to see docs
  • okay I was two weeks late for my period.. I finally got it but it only lasted two days and was very light. so I took a pregnancy test it was positive.. I been have pregnancy symptoms & everything but this week I went to the hope center , and took a test but it came back negative.. could I be pregnant or what?? I'm confused 😪
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