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Flood gates have opened

so it's been19 weeks since I lost my little princess at 14+3 Due to 2 heart defect as a side effect for her Down syndrome Condition. 

Ive not been able to cry since I lost her until today, and I can't stop. I've got counselling today and dreading it. It's my second session. Fridays used to be my favourite day of the week, now I dread it knowing I have to talk with the counsellor.

I'm really struggling today. I just wanted to hold my little baby, if only for a moment. I

feeling very sad today.  


  • Im so sorry for your loss Karenelaine. I too had a mc at 9wks so i know the feeling of loss and how horrible it is although you were even further along than me so i guess its a lot stronger for you.

    Dont dread seeing your councellor, look forward to talking about your little angel, let yourself come to terms with it. It happened and it was awful but you can try again when the time is right.

    Time really is a great healer and soon you will be able to think back to your little girl and just remember that everything happens for a reason, the world wasnt ready for her. She will always be looking down on you.



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