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Cervix Position

Ok, alot of you are gonna quirm at this popsting but i was wondering if anyone actually keeps track of there cervix postition through their cycle

During the beginning of the cycle, the menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood flow out. It feels like the tip of your nose. I normally don't check it during menstruation, simply because of the mess. After the bleeding stops the cervix remains low and hard and the os - the opening to the uterus - remains closed. This will change the closer to ovulation you approach. The cervix rises up to the top of the vagina and becomes softer and softer. At the height of ovulation the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and the os are open to allow sperm to enter in. Sometimes the cervix seems to disappear - which, of course, it has simply become so soft it blends in with the vagina walls and rises so high that the finger cannot touch it. This is known as SHOW - soft, high, open and wet.

The time frame for this to happen varies from woman to woman. Each woman is unique and must give herself several cycles to determine when events take place. Sometimes ovulation will start to happen and the cervix will rise and soften and then ovulation will be delayed for some reason. I have noticed that my own cervix seems to see-saw at different points - but in acquainting yourself with all your fertile signs - you learn how to recognize each one of them.

Once ovulation occurs the cervix drops to low and firm - once again feeling like the tip of your nose-roughly 24-48 hours after ovualation And the os become tightly closed. (The os in a woman who has given birth vaginally will feel more open at all times because of the stretching that occurred at the birth of her baby.)

When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the os will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times in different women. Some women may find that twelve days after ovulation their cervix will do this and is a probable pregnancy sign. Others won't experience this until well after the pregnancy has been confirmed.

My queary is

As im sure you know but im 11DPO so by now by cervix should have returned to the low-hard position but its not...its high and soft... but the HPT's negative!

This TTC lark is driving me nuts now hehe!



  • theres been a lot posted on the web about this hun. I know have read it every month in search of something that will tell me before a test that i'm pregnant.
    Most say that cervix position is a poor indicator of pregnancy as may not rise up til nearer 6 weeks into pregnancy.
    Plus mine can be soft just before i have an af and it varies throughout the day too.
    Fingers crossed that this promising for you though and good luck.
    Filo x (of poas addicts and also symptom spotting clubs)
  • hey hun,

    I used cervix position to determine my pregnancy it was high and soft and I got too excited and tested the day before af was due and I got a bfn my cervix stayed high and soft and i kept testing but got bfn's for 5 more days before I finally got my bfp.

    The dr says you shouldn't go by your cervix position to determine pregnancy as it could be different every time and sometimes the cervix won't move to high and soft until weeks into the pregnancy.

  • x5ammiebabyx

    This posted has freaked me out!
    I spent ages last night trawling the internet as mine seems to have disapered! It's so high and bent to the left
    Im on day 24 and as you know its my first month of Clomid and praying for a BFP.
    I notice that when im ov it sits really low and to the left but normally a week before my AF it drops again but that is not the case this month and im just as confused as you!

    Hope sum1 can help us!

    Clarins xx

  • Clarins,
    During ovulation it should be high and soft-sometimes its harder to find during ovulation as it hides itself in your lining, some cycles i have trouble finding it during ovulation which to me is a good sign....
    Oh i dunno, maybe i should jst give up and jst stick wiv OPKs hehe

    I know the CP isnt very reliable way to check for pregnancy but never mind hehe
    Ya know how addictive these symptom spottings can be-i learnt fom the best (hey filo hehe)'
    Wel im gonna go have a nice hot bath, i will get back to ya in a bit XXX

  • err not too hot can damage an early baby!
    Filo x
  • Not hot hot, jst nice LOL

    Actually whilst were on the subject
    How hot is hot??
  • i think where you turn pink, sart to sweat and eel faint as you get out and have to sit in the garden in your dressing gown to cool of....yes been there done that!!
  • hehe at lettyloo
    Wel my baths always turn me pink! i dnt sweat or have to sit in the garden

    hmm ill pop some cold water in the bath first hehe

  • hey ladies

    i think i prod my cervix about 3 times a day he he! clarins i think mine is slightly on the left too, i know when i go for smears the nurse sometimes struggles to find it...oh dear
  • OMG - I am so confsed! I'm not very educated in the positioning/feeling of ther cervix and wondered if anyone could shed some light on 'how' you check! I've a feeling that I wish I hadn't of asked.

    Checking for ewcm - I usually just wipe and check the tissue but i suspect there's more to this cervix hunting than that!

    Thanks girls!

    Sammie - it sounds like this could be a good sign for you then. Hope so! xxxxxx
  • Em,,,afraid not, its all changed today...Its now low and hard and BCD was negative so jst waiting for the bitch (oh i mean witch) to arrive X
  • Checking the cervical position takes some practice and if you choose to chart this particular sign, there are some smart guidelines you must follow in order to achieve the best results. First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly before checking the cervix. A good time to check it would be after a bath or shower. It would probably be a good idea to keep your nails trimmed as well, so as not to nick the fragile tissue. There are different ways in which to check the cervical position. Sitting on the toilet or squatting or standing with one leg on the edge of the bathtub are good positions to be in. Gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina. Feel for the cervix - located in the upper front or top. It usually takes a month or so to see all the changes in the cervix during the cycle.

    HTH X
  • Hmmmmm?

    Sounds tricky to me. May give it a go if i'm feeling brave.

    The witch hasn't arrived yet so you're still in with a chance!

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Hmm wel i wont hold my beath-may not get to see **em** result hehe

  • Possible TMI so if you're squeamish don't read this. In answer to Em1978, I'm not an expert but this what I do (dear god, never thought I'd post details of feeling myself up on the www): I find sitting on the loo the best position. At the beginning & end of my cycle if I stretch up I can feel something quite small & hard jutting out inside. During the middle of my cycle I have to reeeally stretch to feel anything, and what I can feel is much softer and not as proud.

    As for checking cm - if you feel right up all round the lump (ie your cervix) it sort of pools there.

    Although have to say am totally confused this month as I had a random +ive ov test yesterday and cervix is still low and hard, so don't listen to me!
  • Teehee - sooo glad I'm not the only one that checks out her bits on a daily basis, LOL!!


  • I reckon 90% of women do it, posy - it's just they don't talk about it until they join a ttc forum! (and even then only some admit to it - teehee).

    It's good to be in tune with your body! And it's totally natural.
  • To be honest, i didnt think id get as many responses...thought i was the only weirdo-but it turns out im not alone!! hehe
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