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Faint positive

help ive done these 4 trst over a 6 day period and they're all so faint am I pregnant or is it a false positive?



  • Defo positive! Congrats!  im going through the same thing! But mines so faint I can't even tell x

  • I'm nervous I'm not.

  • These look positive to me!! Congratulations!! False positives are unlikely.

  • That's positive conratulations!!!


    Yep for definite!

  • Definitely positive congratulations 

  • Congrats definitely positive!! so exciting!!! (: 

    I'm sort of going through the same thing.. I've had 2 that are so faint you can barely see it (so faint you kind of have to hold it a certain way and really squint to see it.) Lol but I've had a few people that say they see it too in person. I took a clear blue digital this morning & got a neg  so I'm not sure if it's really a positive or what. It's so frustrating! 

  • Can I ask How many dpo you were when you took the first faint ones? Or How late you were for af?  

  • imagetwo days between both tests the bottom has a faint line. That is positive?

  • Hi everyone ! Newbie here.

    around 10/11 dpo I experienced a small amount of watery pink blood (only once when I wiped, sorry tmi!) I assumed it was IB. I am currently 5 days late for my period (I'm VERY regular. I have never been this late). I can only assume I'm pregnant but I have gotten BFN after BFN.

    But then I saw this.. It's a real squinter and I can't tell if it's an actual line or if I'm losing my mind !

    Thoughts?! image

  • image

    Ok so I'm sending myself round the bend. 

    Iv done a pregnancy test once every couple of weeks and all my tests have been negative apart from my first test that was positive. 

    However, my boobs have grown and are achy, I have gained 5lbs but my belly looks like I have gain 10lbs, im irritable, tired, feeling a bit down and depressed but think thats to do with the unknown.

    I don't know what to do - my mum has said that she thinks I need to go to doctors next week if I gain anymore weight especially round my stomach area. I dont think a blood test will confirm either way because think I have tried every HPT there is. I really just want a scan to confirm yes or no so I can put my mind at rest but I feel silly asking because I have been told it's unlikely I will be able to concieve naturally. 

    Has anyone else had any similar stories? 

  • image I got three negatives last week, then yesterday I got this and this morning I did another and it looks exactly the same. It's so faint I almost missed it. I'm obsessing over here, opinions? Positive? 

  • ive been going through the same thing but mine are really faint but I had a blood test and it came back negaitive and and ive had a period??? an answers

  • imageimage

    Please help!

    The top test I took a few days ago Tuesday June 1st, completely negative. The bottom test was done today. It was very very faint and got alittle darker after 10 mins. I'm not sure what this means???

  • mine was definitely a positive! 

  • Hi ladies 

    this is my test what do you think? i'm 10 days late. This is a superdrug early response test.


  • Thats positive hun congratulations!!

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