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*** Monday 2nd tri ***


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a new week.

I'm off work today so whilst i am awake, i'm still in bed just lounging about. Nothing much to report baby wise, just ticking off the days until my next scan now. 2 weeks tomorrow which isn't all that long really.


  • Morning imp!

    Well yesterday was horrific for me with regards to carpel tunnel pain, however by suffering all day I slept through the night and didn't even wake for a wee haha

    Also I'm 24 weeks today, we are viable :-) xxx

  • Glad you slept Mon and happy viability.

  • Morning!

    Imp - enjoy your day off.

    Monnie - glad you slept through.

    AFM - nothing much to report pregnancy-wise.  We're being battered by wind and rain and it's woken me up a few times during the night.  Our coast is on a severe weather warning and we're meant to be going to visit FIL later. I'm not going anywhere if it's too awful though.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Good morning!  

    Imp, enjoy the day off, and enjoy the scan count downs.  I have my last scan tomorrow (barring anything going wrong) and I know I'm going to miss them.  

    Congratulations on reaching viability Monnie, and I know you didn't say here, but congratulations as well on not needing insulin to this point.  I'm so glad you slept, and I hope the pain is less today.  Still think there has to be something that can be done for it...

    Ixia, stay safe in the weather today.  Can't be fun.  I think the bad weather has finally broken for us here, but am afraid of jinxing it!

    AFM, feeling baby quite regularly now, but I still want to know where the placenta is, so will ask tomorrow at the scan.  It's at 8:30am, so will get on here to update after, hopefully to confirm that the heart is fine and yes, she is still a girl.  Otherwise if she's decided to grow some boy bits in the meantime he will be wearing some very girly outfits in the beginning Laugh.  On the house front I'm on my way to the bank after I post this to transfer our funds to the solicitors.  It is the biggest amount of money I have ever dealt with, as it's not just deposit but our whole amount due plus some as the solicitors couldn't even give an estimate of the final costs.  Apparently exchange will be happening tomorrow!  and all parties involved have agreed the 14th for completion!  So hopefully tomorrow when I confirm that she is a she and has a good heart I will also be able to say that we will definitely be moving on the 14th. And then I can do up the NURSERY!

  • Ixia I hope the weather isn't too bad.

    Wispa that's great news about the house. I bet you'll be relieved once you've exchanged.

  • congrats wispa!!!!!

  • Morning!

    Ooo Imp, two weeks tomorrow! That will fly. Enjoy your day off!

    Happy viability Monnie, I'm glad you slept well.

    Morning Ixia, we've been battered in the night too. We live near the coast and I can see a wall that's been completely battered down from our window. Stay safe and don't go out if it's too bad.

    Ooo Wispa, exciting day for you tomorrow! Scan and a new house :) Oxted is lovely. We used to live just down the road in Reigate.

    CJ, just saw your post on yesterday's thread - we're looking in Coulsdon and surrounding areas at the moment. H is keen to keep the commute into London under half an hour. Whereabouts are you?

    AFM, after much deliberating we've decided that the house wasn't for us and I called the estate agent this morning to tell them so. Our house has to be out there somewhere but that one wasn't it. There's a new house come on over the weekend but it's on a bit of a main road. I'm not so bothered about a main road as I grew up on one but H is reluctant so the search continues! In baby news I can feel baby squirming around much more today. She must be getting bigger :) Wispa, my placenta is at the front (the sonographer told me at the gender scan) so I was told not to expect much in the way of movements for quite some time.

    Hope everyone has a nice Monday x

  • Morning everyone.

    Imp, enjoy your day off! Do you have anything fun planned?

    Monnie, yay for reaching v day! So sorry about your carpel tunnel, do you have splints? I had it in my last pregnancy and it's so horrid, but I did find the splints really helped at night. They say elevating the hands at night and trying to keep the wrists as aligned as possible is helpful (hence the splints.) I hope you have a better night tonight.

    Ix, hope the weather improves and you're able to do what you want with the day.

    Wispa, excellent news about the house, and hope the scan goes well tomorrow.

    Fig, sorry about the house, but there's no point in buying something that's not the one. Hopefully the next one will be. Yay for squirming!

    AFM, at work today having a busyish Monday. Nothing to report babywise, I'm not doing anything baby related (in fact despite feeling physically very pregnant I don't feel mentally all that pregnant at all, and have still not really planned or sorted much) and I don't see the midwife for another 5 weeks, so not much happening all round really.

    Hope everyone is having a good one, hi to the laters and lurkers.

  • Fig I think  that's the right decision too.  Your house is out there somewhere looking for you!

    SG- No plans, Ebaying a bit of furniture and some handbags, but nothing else.I hope today isn't too busy for you.

  • Fig, it sounds like you've rationally decided against the house.  Hopefully your search isn't too long.  The house in Oxted was the one that fell through and the one we ended up buying is actually in Orpington, so in a sense it's better because we will be so close to H's parents and sister for babysitting Smile.  I was thinking that my placenta at might be anterior, too, as I felt NOTHING until about 21 weeks!

    Thanks for the well-wishes, SG et all!

  • Oh Orpington is lovely too. We've been looking online at Bromley. I bet you can't wait to get moved and it will be handy having babsitters nearby!

    I hope so Imp! Wish it would hurry up and find us though lol.

    Hope Monday isn't too busy for you SG.

  • Thought I would say hello, I am 17+4  with number 2, am suffering with low BP and iron at the mo' but apart from that all is good! I have had more bloods taken this morning so will wait the results to see what they do as I cannot take iron tablets.

  • Afternoon all!

    Sorry I'm late, I have been in some training this morning and I am now a 'dementia friend' *stands proudly*

    Imp- hope you're enjoying your day off - I am jealous!

    Monnie- happy viability!!  Glad you managed a good night's sleep, every cloud I suppose!

    Ixia - take care in the bad weather, it can be very scary!

    Wispa - congrats on the house!! Bet you're really excited about being able to start decorating

    Figaro - Sorry about the house but you will find something that's meant for you :)

    SG - Hope your Monday passes quickly and isn't too busy

    Raspberry - Hello :)  hope you're blood results are positive!  Are you able to boost your iron with your diet or are they still too low?

    AFM - Nothing to report really, baby is getting much more active these last few days and I'm getting hearburn a bit more regularly - thank god for Ranitidine!!

    Hi to all (if anyone at this time of day!) that follow

  • Hi VT!  I am getting indigestions most days, at the moment gaviscon is dealing with it.  Did you get the ranitidine prescribed?  I know you can buy it over the counter as hubby uses it.

  • No, I just bought the stuff from Tesco, think it's about £1.25 for a box.  I really ought to think about popping to the GPs to get a prescription cos at the moment I'm at it daily!

  • I am eating an iron rich diet but still too low sadly. I get indigestion too but that is mainly due to a stomach op I had a couple of years ago

    . I take ranitidine twice a day it just about keeps on top of it.

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