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**** Tuesday 2nd Tri ****

Morning ladies,

Sorry I've not been on in a couple of days. Had a really busy weekend. Spent 10 hours watching the tennis ATP finals on Saturday and my sister and her kids came over on Sunday but disn't leave until 10:30pm.  Was really hectic and i didn't feel like I had a weekend at all. Plus I like tennis but 10 hours is way too much!

Anyway I feel better today having had an early night. All seems well on the baby front. Got a midwife appointment in the morning and my anti d injection on Friday. I am also wondering whether I should book a hospital tour or if it's too soon. What is everyone else thinking on that front?

Can't believe this is my last week 2nd Tri! Argh! 



  • Morning LD

    Sounds like you've had a busy weekend, glad you feel better for your early night. Not sure on hospital tour,ours doesn't do them unfortunately

    God I'm knackered this morning. Was asleep at half nine last night, didn't sleep great though, got up for a wee then my pelvis was hurting and I couldn't get comfy.

    Today we are going to toddlers this morning, then got a few errands to run, after lunch M has gymnastics, so an opportunity for me to sit for 45 mins and drink coffee and eat chocolate with mummy friends. Tonight H has footy so I'll put my feet up, can't wait!

    Hope everyone is doing well, have a good day all x

  • LD I would book in for a tour about 34 weeks ish that's what me and H are going to do !

    Glad your feeling better  after an early night!

    Weekender  sorry you couldn't get comfy! Enjoy coffee  and chocolate  and your feet up all evening!

    Afm got my 16 week appointment at 2:15 and then into  meet hs parents straight after it.. Going to be knackard because I couldn't sleep well either!

  • Morning all!

    LD can't believe it's your last week of 2nd tri either! 2nd tri has totally and utterly flown in! Are you doing any NCT or parentcraft classes? Usually they have a hosptial tour as part of the classes.

    WE - Oh poor you :( Enjoy your opportunities to sit down and rest today!

    CC - Hope the MW goes well and you aren't too tired.

    AFM - another one with the MW today. Not till 1 though. I'm hoping she doesn't want my tummy out as I'm in tights and a dress!! Ooops! The baby was giving me some right old boots last night - the strongest I've felt yet! Up until now it's been very sweet rather than uncomfortable! Feeling a bit worried about the fact I can't seem to sleep on my left AT ALL so will get a blether with the MW today.

  • Morning,

    LD- Last week of second tri! Glad you caught up on some sleep, sounds like a busy weekend! I'm not sure about hospital tors, I may hev to look into that.

    Weekender- Enjoy putting your feet up tonight. I am the same as you on the sleeping front.

    CC- Good luck at your app. Seems like we all cant sleep well!

    Sweetpea- I had tights and a dress at mine lol. What do they do at this appointment do you know? Ha, my kicks are nice and sidt at the mo although do make me jump sometimes. Yes see what the midwife says. I roll over to all different positions in my sleep.

    AFM- Tired again as didn't sleep great, I keep getting a dead leg! Think I will try have an early night tonight. All the same pregnancy wise apart from m boobs have been hurting again! 13 days til scan :)

  • Morning everyone

    Not been around much in the day lately so not been posting, work is really getting in the way unfortunately :(

    LD - I know its scary isn't it? 3rd tri is where reality hits! With regards to a hospital tour I've already seen the labour ward but I'm not sure I would have bothered anyway. I don't think you will care when you arrive in pain!

    WE - Your day sounds lovely, any excuse for a gossip hey?

    CC - Hope your appointment goes well, hopefully you will get to hear the heartbeat.

    SP - Ha ha, I was thinking the same about my appointment later, but dress and tights are so much more comfy than trousers. I'm sure she will want to listen in won't she? I'm sure they see much worse than seeing your tights though :)

    Bertie - Hope you manage to get more sleep tonight. Are you using a pregnancy pillow to help sleep? I have a dream genii and its really good.

    AFM - Midwife appointment this afternoon so get to leave work early, yay! Seems like ages since my last one but I think they get more regular now don't they? Can't believe how quick time is going, worked out I only have 11 working weeks left at work, very scary but exciting too!

  • I did a similar counting exercise Mrs V and couldn't believe that accounting for a couple of weeks at Christmas it's 12 weeks left of work. Eeeek! When is your finishing up date?

    Bertie it sounds like you need a pillow lovely! Hope the day doesn't drag with you feeling so tired!

  • LD - I vote to book the tour! We don't get to tour (which is just another barrier to me being open to MLU or hospital!) so I reckon do it and then if you have any reservations or thoughts there's ages to work through it. And golly, that's a LOT of tennis!!

    W/E - your posts make me feel tired!! I work a lot but I'm in one place mostly :)

    CC - let us know how the appointment goes. It seems like you're catching up with me somehow, lol.

    Sweetpea - the sleeping thing is annoying isn't it? I always sleep on my right so am trying to re-train but it's not going well. Let us know how the MW appt goes.

    Bertie - I'd hate a dead leg. How strange. With you on the boobs, mine have never let up. I let out a squeal every night when my bra comes off lol.

    Mrs V!!! Only 11 weeks? Awesome. Report back on the MW appt won't you?

    I've got a 6 day countdown for scan. As normal, petrified and excited equally. We bought more baby bits at weekend, and I'm starting back on Slimming World now. I was eating carbs to help my nausea, but the nausea is so low-level now and the heartburn has revved up so it's a good time. I hope to stay largely 'on plan' for 5 weeks, see if I can lose 3 or 4 lbs, then indulge over Christmas, and start again in the new year. I am feeling so horribly fat that it's getting me down, so it's time to do something :)

    Harry had a great birthday, loved his driving lesson and drinks with us and his dad. Can't believe I have a little one coming and a 17 year old, he's very excited though!

  • Ha, I have a pillow! It helps but I push it on the floor in my sleep sometimes. I think having the pillow betwene my legs is whats giving me the dead leg lol, dont know how! After I woke for a wee I propped my back up with it for a bit which was nice and comfy :)

  • Counter- Which bits did you buy? Sorry you are feeling down about yourself. Hope SW can make you feel better! Aw thats lovely about Harry. Great he is excited.

    Mrs V- good luck at midwife. 11 weeks yay! i am going to count down mine now :)

  • Bertie, we've bought quite a bit now, trying to spread the cost! Had already got bargain moses basket and cot from eBay, so bought a new mattress for one, sheets and a blanket, still need to get the other. Got 2 changing mats (upstairs/downstairs), a baby bag for hubby, a few basics on the clothes front, all neutral colours. Bought a tiny pair of booties (below) that were totally unneccessary but the first 'I only want it because I love it' purchase! And we chose our pram, just need to order it now. I was going to go for secondhand but we're really hoping to have another baby so decided we'd get new and hope the carrycot etc is useful for as long we need, wondered if getting a used one might be a false economy. :)

    Harry is excited. The 3 of us went through a proposed calendar for next year, assuming H and I get the leave we both want, and for August Harry volunteered to do some childminding so we could manage at home April to August (we'd pay him his supermarket wages). It would mean such a lot to me not needing any 'strangers' until sort of 5 months old, he's so good at that sort of thing and I thought it might help with bonding seeing as there's such a big age gap. It might not happen for a million reasons but I was so pleased he offered!

  • Brill news on all fronts counter! Must be strange seeing your 'wee boy' becoming a man! What pram have you gone for?

  • Can't quite manage personals as I'm late today. But reading through had made me count how many weeks I have left - looks like only around 15, and obviously Christmas week doesn't really count so I'll take that out, and I've got some holiday to use up...that's made me feel much better!

    Counter I love those little shoes! Where are they from? I've still only bought one sleepsuit so far!

  • Sweetpea, I try so hard to encourage him to be independent but I desperately miss him ha ha! We're opting for the Britax Affinity. I was definite I wanted a carrycot, and it's dead simple and sturdy. I like the large wheels for dog walks etc and I thought it was a good price to include car seat. And we both want the same colour (sage) so that was nice and easy and probably half the reason for our decision, ha ha!

    Flossy, keep counting like that and you'll be on single digits of weeks in no time at all!! The shoes are from Mothercare. The only pair I've ever seen and loved!  :)

  • Ladies, I wondered if anyone had seen Isis for a while? I don't browse all that much to be fair, so she might be right under my nose, so to speak, but I just wondered whether she was doing well.

  • Think I'll have to add them to my shopping list, they're just so cute! I have to remember that this baby will probably be born in April. H is obsessed with all the cute little snowshoes that are in the shops at the moment but we probably won't be needing them for 6 months or so! People keep saying not to buy lots of clothes as we'll get lots bought for us, but at the same time I want to be able to dress the baby in nice things - particularly if it's a girl as I'm a bit funny about some of the girls clothes I've seen so far so don't want to rely too much on what other people buy...hope that doesn't sound too ungrateful!

  • Counter- Yes spreading the cots is a good idea! Love them little shoes, very cute! Didn't think of two changing mats, thats a good idea. That will be great if Harry does do that, great way for them to bond and like you said saves somebod else lookin after baby :)

  • Hello ladies, sorry I am late on been working from home today and trying to clear my computer of the last year and halfs work!

    managed to wash all my bottles etc today and find a cupboard in the kitchen for all the feeding stuff!

    sorry I have not gone through all the personals but hopw your all ok!

    not having much movement the last few days, not as much as i have anyway! makes me panic! hopefully the wolfgang is having a few quiet days! will keep an eye on it!  x

  • Ony phone so can't comment on others.. Had my 16w appointment everything's fine heard baby's heartbeat was totally amazing!

  • Brilliant news CC! I had my 24 week appointment and she had the doppler out so I heard my wee one's too! So fab!

  • Lovely appointment news!! :)

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