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***Mon 3rd Tri***

Well first of all Congratulations Sam on your BA. Hoping we will get some more today, so come on, Mrs 50s, TT and Banzy!

Starting the thread early as im up, woke up really hungry and some back ache, so hopefully baby is getting his head lower. Its my DD today! YAY!

Me and H had a nice weekend, had inlaws over and H's grandma for lunch on Sat, then went to watch H coach his basketball team on Sunday morning, then went for a walk around the block after a roast on Sunday night. Which prooved quite difficult when your full of baby and roast. Thankfully didn't have too many fireworks going off round here as i hate being kept awake by all the loud bangs.

Nothing much planned for today, expecting even more "anything happening" text messages from friends and family today. It started yesterday with about 4 in the space of 10 minutes, so annoying!



  • Happy due date MS! Hope something happens for you today and you don't get too bombarded with texts!

    Wonder how many births we will have today? Exciting! Good luck TT, 50s and Banzy. Hopefully you and LP won't be far behind!

    AFM - Feeling rough this morning with a cold :-( had a snotty nose yesterday which is clear this morning but my throat is so sore and my glands are huge! I'll have to have a duvet day I think. In baby news, lost quite a bit of plug yesterday and have been feeling pretty crampy so things are heading in the right direction!

  • Huge congrats Sam, I missed your update y'day! Hope you and baby S are both doing great. Looking forward to the updates from everyone else today!

    Happy DD MS! Sounds like a good weekend. I'm sooo not looking forward to the family/friends text stage!  

    BE looks like we need to add you to the any day list too! That all sounds promising! (Although sorry your feeling rubbish!)

    AFM we painted the nursery y'day, I had all the detailing around the door frames and skirting boards which at the time I thought was fine but I started to get a really sore bump from trying to keep bending on the floor to reach. Last night I has serious BH for ages and have to confess I was panicking a little bit. Think I just over did it! I was exhausted and was in bed asleep for 10am but then woke at 3 for the loo and have pretty much lay awake since! No idea how I'm going to make it through a day at work!

    I'll keep checking back for everyone's updates today when I have a chance x

  • MDD - I'd love it to be the start of the real thing but I'm trying not to overthink anything! Sometimes the cramps are very strong but I haven't been able to notice any pattern to them which is annoying! Sounds like you overdid it yesterday, is the painting finished now? It can be easy to forget how different your body is now! Xx

  • I'm waiting to see it in the daylight before I leave for work (if there is any!) to see if it needs another coat or a touch up which I think it might. Were getting the flooring laid this weekend so need to finish painting this week. I definitely over did it, your right it's so easy to forget then your body seems to just say, ok that's enough!

    FX things fall into a pattern and start progressing! Would be so typical that all the babies arrive one after another after it being so quiet!x

  • Happy DD MS. Mine's been and gone, still here no twinges. Quite happy though. Isla's off to nursery this morning so I have a nice quiet one all to myself. Not bad for my first proper mat leave day. Need to go through the sky planner and record all the birthday announcements on Wednesday. Would hate to miss Isla's card. I hope to what some more BAs today. Xx

  • Mummy simpson - I think people know me too well to start asking if anything if happening. There would be murders!!!

    BE - I really hope you get better before anything starts happening properly x

    miss deedee - glad you got the work done but you need to slow down madam. Plow through work and have a nap when you get in :-)

    no news from me. I have a very active baby but no progress at all. Had a lovely weekend though as OH was off for most of it. Huge chilled out breakfast on Sunday.
  • Missed mrs b there - hope you don't miss the announcement x

    I have decided to do some serious cleaning today to see if that gets her moving!!!!
  • Ms - I've started getting those texts too! Happy due date!

    Be - sounds like thing are moving in the right direction for you!

    MissDD - sounds like you may have overdone it, hopefully you day at work goes quickly!

    Afm - 39+6 and things seem to have completely stopped! Had a good nights sleep at least but I honestly thought yesterday morning that I would have a baby by now. Oh well, I just have to be patient. Going for a walk to see if I can get things started again. I am feeling very uncomfortable and walking is getting very painfull so hoping it won't be long!

    Lots of baby out vibes for mrs 50s and TT and huge congratulations again to Sam x

  • Mrs b - enjoy a nice relaxing day!

    LP - sounds like you had a lovely weekend, hope the cleaning gets things moving. I might do the same this afternoon.

  • Morning all! Congrats again Sam, I hope you're starting an influx of BAs!

    Happy due date MS. The texts are so annoying - I stopped responding to them. I think poor H gets them now instead!

    Oooh BE, I wonder if you'll be early? Apparently lots of women get cold type symptoms and feel crappy just before baby arrived, plus losing plug is a good sign!

    MDD, hope you have a chilled day at work and can maybe get a nap as soon as you get home! Take it easy tonight as well, no more painting!

    MrsB, enjoy a whole day relaxing by yourself - glad baby is holding off for the minute, gives you a bit of chance to recharge before you have 2 to look after!

    LP - baby out vibes! I had a 'get this baby out' mission yesterday, I think sometimes when you're overdue you just wake up with the attitude it WILL shift if you do enough! (Sadly it doesn't work, but it passes the time!)

    Banzy - how frustrating! I'm sure with a 'trial run' like that though, it won't be long.

    Hoping Tina is having newborn cuddles now, things sounded very promising last night!

    AFM, 40+13 today. Still here, still pregnant! However, I think I *might* be having contractions. I feel pretty stupid not being sure, but my lower back becomes very tight and painful, bump goes hard, and I get mild period-type cramps too. I thought I'd time them to see what was going on (because when they stop, I am convinced I'm imagining the whole thing) and they've been happening at a pretty consistent 8 mins apart since I started timing at 7am. Last 2 were 4 mins apart, that was a bit tough! Might be digging the tens out soon but don't want to start too early.

    I've got a MW appt at 10.40am for a sweep, not sure whether to go or not? I'm thinking they could examine me anyway - might see what's happening in another hour and ring for a chat. Not really fancying a car ride to be honest, even though hubby would drive me there.

  • MrsB - Hope you have a nice day and don't miss Isla's bday.

    LP - Get on all fours and scrub the floor!

    Banzy - Fx a good walk encourages the real thing!

    Mrs 50s - It could be a good sign, also got a bad tummy without going into too much detail! We'll see. I would give the midwife a ring before you go in if you're still getting regular 'contractions' like you say, she might be able to still examine you and see what's happening!

    I went back to sleep for almost an hour before the bad tummy woke me up! Then had a text from H saying that someone went into the back of him this morning (he rides a motorbike so got knocked off!) That panicked me a bit but I've phoned him and he insists he's fine etc. I hate that he's so vulnerable on his bike but he loves having it so I just have to try not to worry!

  • Morning everyone!

    Massive Congratulations again to Sam, hope you are enjoying all your newborn cuddles!! Waiting on news from Tina now!!! baby out vibes for Mrs 50s, and Banzy!!

    MummyS- Happy Due date!! We have only told a very small handful of people our actual  due date to avoid this! Although we now might just be getting texts all through December!!

    BumpEnvy- Sorry you are feeling pants, hopefully your body is getting the bugs out the way before baby arrives! Oh that text would have worried me too, glad your H is ok!

    MissDeeDee- the first (well only) time i got BH I panicked a bit! Hop  you get an early night tonight and manage to catch up on sleep!

    MrsB- enjoy your first official day off Mat Leave! Sounds like you have a nice relaxed one planned!

    LP- I think cleaning will be my very last resort!! :-)

    Banzy- hope things picked up again, maybe the good nights sleep was preparing you for an active night tonight!

    Mrs50s- it is sounds promising!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Have an event at work on saturday so ive moved my days around this week so i have today and tomorrow off. i love a long weekend!!

    Think the babies hospital bag is almost ready, muslins, 3 vests, 3 sleepsuits, a warm going home grow, 2 hats, mittens, cotton wool. I just have no idea how many nappies to pack?! any advice?!  

  • Mrs Bass- I put a whole pack in, just so theres plenty. Don't forget blanket and some socks or booties too.

    BE- Sorry to hear about your H. It must be very worrying for you but atleast he says he is okay

  • Mrs bass I've packed about 10. To be honest our hospital have most things there for you to use. (Well ours did when I had Isla) didn't use a lot of the things I took in my bag.

  • Morning,

    Too late for personals, but congratulations Sam!

    Looking forward to the next BA


  • Oh yes, i have a cellular blanket packed. i washed some socks but the sleep suits all have feet one them so do I still need booties? (that word makes me giggle!)

    Thanks for the nappy advise!

  • No i think your fine Mrs Bass if the sleepsuits all have feet.

  • Thanks Mrs Bass & MS, I am a worryer so these things don't help me! Mrs Bass - I've put a whole pack in too. Only got booties for the coming home outfit :-)

    Feeling fed up today, no energy and feel like my body is teasing me with twinges etc but in reality I'm probably just overthinking anything that happens!

    No further news from Mrs 50s.....

  • Evening all

    Had a busy day today, quite a bit of walking (read as waddling!) and picked up some raspberry leaf tea so I'm making my way through that. I feel so uncomfortable, I don't remember feeling like this with I. I've been having a few twinges throughout the day but nothing major. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and its my due date so hoping I can beg her for a sweep!!

  • Hi all, my Mum been to visit today and she amused LO whilst I painted the picture rail and door frames. All fine - baby has definitely gone back-to-back though. Oh and GP reckons I have another UTI .... I feel okay. Grrr. Well, bit tired from all the painting :-)

    I promise to be a better MDer once this decorating done!

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