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***Tuesday 3rd Tri***

Good morning big bumped beauties!

Hope you all had good BH weekends.

Congrats again to Daisy. Had there been an announcement from Boris yet?

Was supposed to be meeting up with my NCT pal today, but she's just text to say she may be in labour. This wasn't the plan, she's due on Saturday, 13 days ahead of me which is the same as last time but she went overdue last time and A was a bit early, so we both assumed the same would happen this time.

Think I'll take A to his swimming lesson then meet up with some other friends at the park. That should tire him out enough for a log afternoon nap.

Gump bump is ok, but the stitches are getting more frequent and painful now, they mainly happen when I've been lying or sitting for a while and go to move. Might mention them to my mw friend.

Looking forward to getting to Sunday, then I'm guaranteed a September baby!

BG 37+4



  • Hi BG- hope you have fun meeting up with your friends. I would mention the stitch pain to your friend, it must be handy having a mw friend, but i think if it were me id be pestering them every 5 minutes with all my little worries

    AFM- Nothing planned for today. Nothing much going on with baby, so we will just see what the day brings.

  • Morning all,

    BG- Have fun today and I hope the park tires A out!

    MS- Have a lovely day, whatever it may bring!

    AFM- Had the busiest weekend ever! Friday and Saturday had SD so had a few days of visiting family, park, eating out etc. Took her home on Sunday morning and got stuck straight in to painting. We painted the whole of our bedroom (ceiling, walls and paintwork) and have most of the landing done. We have been saying we need 2 new doors upstairs for a while and H decided it would be a good idea to take them off and saw them in half so that we HAVE to get them sorted! This meant that I was woken up about 5 times in the night with the cat trying to sleep ON me (literally on my head at one point..). We have the doors so just need to get hinges and handles then try to get my uncle to fit them! Have SD and her cousin staying over on Friday so it will be a pain if he can't do it before then.. Juggled some furniture about too so our bedroom is complete apart from a mirror and getting a wall bracket for the TV. Next for furniture is SD's room which will soon be 'the children's' room. Looks like it is all coming together now!

  • Morning everyone,

    BG fingers crossed you can last until Sunday- a good excuse for spending the week with you feet up perhaps!

    MS hope you have a nice day

    AFM finally feeling better today . Had my whooping cough injection on Thursday night and have been feeling dreadful ever since. Not sure it was the injection and just coincidence that I got I'll at the same same but I've felt really rough all weekend. Got a new v shaped pillow yesterday too and that made a huge difference to my sleep last night . Going to try to continue to work my way through my mountain of baby clothes washing today, I'm sure the pile keeps getting bigger!

    Hope everyone had a nice long weekend, who is due next I can't remember from the leader board last week

    JT 32+5

  • Morning.

    Just having a quick lurk while I'm waiting to have a shower. Still a bit shell shocked after J's very dramatic entrance to the world. I've been working on my birth story. I want to make sure I write it down properly so I can try and make sense of it. All happened so fast.

    BG - have a lovely day. Hope A has a nice long nap.

    MS - enjoy your day of doing nothing.

    Hi to all that follow and baby out vibes to those that need them.

  • Missed you Sam- wow sounds like a very productive weekend!

  • Hi daisy, hope you are doing well , can't wait to see your birth story

  • Daisy- Congratulations! I'm not surprised you are still a bit shell shocked and I'm looking forward to your birth story! Enjoy your newborn cuddles :)

    JT- Yes, it was very productive and definitely overdue! Glad you are finally feeling better (fx it was coincidence as mine is next Monday!) and had a better nights sleep last night.

    p.s Because I have been so busy I hadn't felt baby move as much but she is kicking away this morning which is very reassuring!

  • Ms - I try not to bother her too much but it is very handy. The problem is she's in her 9th month of may leave and keeps telling me I know more about pregnancy than she does at the moment Laugh. Hope you have a lovely day whatever it brings

    Sam - that is a busy weekend! Laugh at cutting the doors in half, a little dramatic perhaps, but should do the trick!

    JT - feet up? I've still got 3 days in work this week, my theory being if I'm busy my body won't believe that I'm almost ready! Did you ask your mw or anyone if the jab can cause a reaction?

    Daisy - Wave hope you're ok, have you spoken to anyone at the hospital about what happened yet (appreciate it may be too soon to be of much use). Congrats again, she really is a cutie.

    Our plans have changed again, we're ditching swimming and going puddle splashing at the park instead! 

  • Hi ladies

    Bg - how rude of your friend going into labour!!

    Ms - have a nice chilled day

    Sam - crikey very busy weekend

    Jellytot - glad you're feeling better

    Daisy - congratulations

    Afm - baby still there. Health visitor coming today, hospital appt tomorrow, breast feedign apot thursday, having a baby on friday. Just like that. Feeling a bit wobbly all about it. Nervous but not nervous. ?.scared..but not sure which part im scared about.


  • BG I didn't ask anyone. Looked at loads online and nothing seems to mention anything about any symptoms I had. People mention the site arm, some people said they had a sore throat, but that's about it. Baby is still kicking away madly , I think it was just bad timing.

    Enjoy your last few days at work

    Twink- sounds very surreal when you put it like that, more like you're getting a haircut or having a dentist appointment. At least you know so can be organised. Very exciting for you!

  • Yea it does feel like that haha

  • Twink- Eek! Not long now! I know what you mean about the nervous/ not nervous part. I am so excited about baby coming but at the same time thinking eek, she needs to get here first and then our lives are going to be turned upside down! haha

  • Morning all

    BG-have a lovely day, how funny that you and your friend have swapped around with labours this time!

    mummyS- hope you have a nice day

    samjh87-wow what a busy weekend for you, what colour is your room?

    JT-give your midwife a call, im sure you shouldnt still be feeling bad after your jab?

    hi daisy massive congratulations,  I hope writing down your birth story helps you feel better with it too, like BG says make sure you talk to someone about it im the future

    twink-its all happening so fast isnt it, your bound to feel a bit scared but it will all be fine.

    congratulations to boris also, lots of get well vibes.

    AFM 39+6 today due day tomorrow eekkkk, just want this baby out now!

  • Just popping my head round the door to say congratulations again to Daisy, hope you are recovering well and getting your head round what happened.

    Twink, it is a very strange feeling knowing exactly when baby is arriving but it won't be long now - I'm here for hand holding if needed x

  • Noodle- The walls are olive green and the furniture is oak. We re-jigged all the furniture and got rid of a computer and desk that was in there. It all seems a lot more organised and 'us' now, like everything has a place! Also means that we can move the bed up and get the cot put up in a few weeks :)

  • Hello all

    Am on my phone so can't do personals at the moment.

    Today is my 1st day of maternity leave and boy is it good! I'm so glad I left work last week. Today i'm meeting up with my NCT girls I got to know when I was pregnant with L so should be fun. Can't remember the last time we all met up in the middle of the day in the middle of the week!!!

    Boris' BA has made it all the more real that I'm actually having a baby soon and I'm getting kind of scared, but excited scared if you know what I mean.

    Baby is moving about loads and sticking his feet out which I love.

    I have less that 3 weeks to go until my ELCS, eeek!

    Poppy 36+2

  • Hello all, on phone so no personals sorry! First day back at work after 2 weeks off and I can honestly say that I am hating it! So glad I've only got 3 more weeks before I go on leave.

    Will try and get back on later xx

  • PS- Enjoy your first day of maternity leave and meeting up with the NCT lot.

    BE- Haven't welcomed you to 3rd tri yet :) Really hope the next 3 weeks go quickly for you! Really wish I could have finished at 31 weeks but financially makes sense for me to hold out. Only 25 working days after today! whoohoo

  • Sounds lovely samjh87! Hello poppy and BE hope your both well!

    I've been cleaning like a demon this morning trying to get this baby moving hahah

  • I'm definitely in nesting mode Noodle although I don't know how much longer it is going to last! I am like a crazy lady at the minute wanting all the little bits and pieces in the house finishing. I'm thinking that it is going to be 100x more difficult to to do all these things when baby is here so need to get them done before she puts in an appearance.

    But.. you are still more than welcome to pop round to my house if there is no more cleaning to be done there :)

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