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***weekend 2nd tri***

Morning ladies, what are your plans for the weekend?

we're not up to much today. Tomorrow h is doing the spartan race so I'll be watching that. 

I woke myself up when I was half asleep by stretching my leg out too far and giving myself cramp! Ouch!!! Now baby is having a party in my tummy so no more sleep for me :(


  • Morning!

    Had a crappy nights sleep, got out of bed three times for the loo and then got severe cramp in the top of my foot! To top it off, I've had pains in my groins which I guess is just growing pains but means I can't get comfy, even whith my V pillow.

    Other than that I'm good- ha! This morning i'm going to try to tidy the house. This past week we've had a chippie in replacing all seven doors in the house and makng us a new bannister for the top of the stairs, the mess and dust of that along with the plaster comng off the walls is shocking. Luckily the plasterer is coming wednesday and thursday of next week to do it all. Then we can crack on with painting, carpeting and doing the nursery!

    Tonight we're off with our best friends to the cinema and for some food. So far whilst in bed ive ordered a poddle pod and personalised taggy and comforter :-)

    Must get up!

    Have a good day!

  • Morning!

    I'm still in bed, unfortunately was woken by 4yo wanting an ice lolly. H is taking him to his first football game today, I'm going to tidy up and make some jam and put my feet up!

  • Morning all. Had an ok night sleep, only got up twice, really wanted a lay in today but for some reason I decided to volunteer looking after a work colleagues dog while she goes on holiday...... Why the Hell I did that I have no idea, he can over the other night and weed in the house....... Gonna be a long week x

  • Morning ladies, i had an amazing nights sleep. My H fell asleep on the settee after we got home from he cinema so I had the bed to myself haha.

    Having a pretty relaxing weekend. My friend is coming over today and I've been told by H that tommorrow we are spending the day watching the 2 football matches which is fine by me.

    Hope you are all well x

  • LD, lucky you I'd love the bed to myself!! I fear I'm going to have to get up with the boy in the morning in the interest of fairness

  • Morning ladies! Hurray for the weekend :-) I am feeling much more energetic today, got 10 hours' sleep! Although LD am very jealous, would have loved to have the bed to myself! We're off in to town in a bit to look at bits for the new house (little does OH know....) and then not doing much else for the rest of the weekend. I keep wondering if I'm feeling movements but still not really sure- hopefully it won't be too much longer until I know for definite what I am feeling is baby!

  • Hi everyone, been out riding my horse this morning and toddler was up at 6:20am so feeling a bit tired now. Just made some banana, blueberry & honey (but no sugar) muffins and am itching to try them out :-)

    Not got masses planned for tomorrow - most unusual for me - might ride again.

  • Morning all, hope you are all having a good weekend. After my triumph on Friday night, I had a rubbish nights sleep last night and have woken up with a headache. Keep having really intense and bizarre dreams lately.

    I picked up my bounty pack yesterday from boots. Is it weird that I find it really exciting. My H has gone into research overdrive trying to figure out what prams and car seats to buy. He came to bed at gone 1am and asked if I had a preference for a travel system. I don't think my answer was helpful hehe. I'm glad he is enthusiastic though :)

  • LD bless him, that's sweet. My husband just says whatever you want which is less helpful! I've just woken up, hurrah! Quiet day today I think and this week is the last with my boy at home before school starts.

  • In a irrational hormone-driven moment, decided to get hubby to pull the 1980's dado rail off in the hall, stairs and landing whilst I took LO out fir a walk. Discovered loads of nasty woodchip wallpaper behind it, bu88er, now got strip that off too. This decorating project is just getting bigger & bigger :-(

  • Happy September everyone.

    Yesterday I did yoga then some shopping, lunch made by my mum (my favourite French toast - why is my mums always so much better than mine!?) we were out for dinner last night for my dads birthday at a friends Chinese place. It's my favourite!

    H is working 9-4 and I'm working 4-7pm so have spend the day defrosting the fridge freezer and cleaning it all. Horrible job!

    My living room currently looks like a building site/car garage because L has a millions toys out. But he's happy. A has spent a lazy day watching movies and playing on her tablet

    On the baby front I've been getting loads of movements when I lie down or sit still.   Lots of tapping and popping feelings last night which was lovely. Poor thing was probably on a sugar high after I had chocolate came and 2 cans of non alcoholic cider!

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