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Morning ladies

HOpe you all have nice weekends planned. We are taking P to her first baby ballet class this morning to see what she thinks. I don't think there is much ballet involved,just dancing and singing but she loves that so hopefully she'll have fun. Going to ride my horse later assuming it's not peeing down and then tonight i'm supposed to be going out in London for my friends 30th. Going to see how i feel tonight though....40minutes on the train, then the tube and then a busy bar seems a lot of effort expescially when i've been feeling so rubbish in the evenings and asleep by 9pm most nights. We'll see, she's a close friend though so i'd like to try. PLus she knows i'm pregnantso she won't mind if i just go for a couple of hours. Saying that god only knows what i'll wear as nothing flippin does up!!!

Happy weekend to all and hope no one feels too rubbish.


  • Morning

    AR- hope baby ballet is fun. They always look so cute dressed up for that class. Hopefully you'll feel better later and can go to your friend's 30th for a few hours.

    AFM- have my last EPAU scan this morning. Hoping everything still OK, especially since the crash from last week. Not sure what I am doing for the rest of the day. Dad is flying to Australia next Friday so I will need to help him sort a few things. I finally sorted out his travel insurance yesterday. Couldn't believe some of the prices I was getting. Some of them were nearly double the price of his flight! It is then my mum's anniversary tomorrow. So we will go to church with dad and then visit her grave. I then need to help dad pack. He is bringing over Christmas and birthday presents for my niece and nephew there, even though their birthdays are not until next year! The price of postage last year was crazy!

  • Morning ladies,

    AR, I hope she enjoys baby ballet :) M was practising her ballet last night (ie skipping around the living room holding her skirt out) it was so cute. Hope you feel ok for your friendsnight out ytonight, I take it driving isn't an option to avoid train/tube? I feel your pain in the clothes area, I'm planning on shopping for a few maternity pieces tomorrow.

    Section4, hope all is ok at scan today, I didn't know you'd had a crash, you all ok? Hope tomorrow isn't too hard for you, anniversaries are never easy x

    We are off to the safari park today, I'm just about to make a picnic which we might end up eating in the car as I'm expecting it to be freezing Laugh too flipping expensive to eat there though. Tonight will be a quiet one with x factor and strictly and a cuppa. Tomorrow not much planned. If it's dry I need to sort out the garden, get rid of dead plants and give it a tidy up before winter. Hopefully it'll stay dry and H can cut the grass with no excuses! And going mat clothes shopping.

    Best go make this picnic! Have s good day ladies xx

  • W - somebody crashed into the back of me last Saturday. We were in rolling traffic, on a slight incline, and she floored her accelerator rather than her brake! The impact was very hard and I was in pain straight away. I actually posted on here looking for alternative treatments for pain relief rather than tablets. As I felt I was taking enough medication at the mo. whilst we were being checked at a and e they found Ihad urine infection, so was put on antibiotics. They didn't scan me....we will see today. Scan is at 10

  • hey AR, ballet class sounds brilliant! Hope you can manage your trip out tonight, I imagine it's one of those that if you make it you're glad you did, but if you're not up to it there's no point trying.

    S4 - lots going on for you at the mo. Let us know about scan. Good luck. I've heard of people having very serious accidents in early pregnancy and not an effect on baby at all so fingers crossed all is well for you.

    Weekender - safari park? Goodness, hope you haven't got our weather! Rrrrubbish! You're brave. Sounds like a nice evening :D

    AFM - I don't know what's me getting fat (most of it) and what's pregnancy but I'm definitely bigging up at the front lol. I met a friend for lunch yesterday, we worked together but not for long and I think the world ofher and only get to see her about 4 times a year. I told her I was pregnany and she burst in to tears!! She was so happy for us. How lovely!! I'm at work now, dog's here too, and one of my girls, we're trying to catch up. It's alright. Radio on, no phones going, doing work we want to do. Then I'll go home and wake hubby after nightshift and we'll cook something comfort food-y and watch Strictly. I love Saturday nights now :)

    Hello to followers!

  • I officially have nothing to wear tonight!! I have a couple of nice maternity tops but they make me look very pregnant. On another note my scan date has arrived, it's ages away when I'm 12+5  buta least I can start counting down!!!

  • Glad about the scan date, I know you really wanted it.

  • Afternoon all,

    AR - Hope you can muster up some energy to go tonight, I'm sure it will be fun once you get there. Glad to hear your scans arrived!

    S4 - Hope your scan went well, let us know how you got on!

    WE - hope the safari park wasnt a wash out!

    Counter - hope you have a lovely evening!

    AFM: well I'm not sure if my friend suspected anything but I drank 'Barcardi and diet coke' last night. We had a nice evening catching up though. Felt bad misleading her but oh well, I'm sure she'll understand when the time comes to tell her - to be fair she might not even put 2 and 2 together and realise I was pregnant this weekend! We're going to a Jazz night tonight in London, which involves a 1.5 hour drive there and back, not looking forwards to the drive but I know it'll be a laugh. I'm DES whilst everyone gets very drunk! I've had an afternoon nap in preparation though! 6 weeks today for me x

  • Afternoon all :)

    AR - Hope you find something nice to wear!

    S4 - Hope your scan went well

    WE - Hope you enjoyed the safari park

    Counter - Sounds like a nice evening I hope you enjoy it :)

    Browny - Enjoy tonight, At least you have an excuse for not drinking tonight!

    AFM - Sorry haven't been around much, Been feeling so tired, Just been really lazy! I have been lurking but not posting much :)!

    I am 8 + 2  time seems to be flying, I am counting down too my booking in appointment! - Have noticed my boobs have started to get bigger! (woohoo) haha!, Having some indigestion still but not as bad as I was!

    Nice quiet night in for me and I expect an early night, Think I am heading to my sisters tomorrow for some food! Lush!.. It's the tiredness that's killing me lol! Can just about keep my eyes open lol!

  • Hey ladies

    Section4 how did you get on? I missed that about the accident, are you feeling ok now?

    Counter, boo to working today! Hope it was productive

    AR, glad you got scan date, when is that?

    Browny, have a good night tonight!

    CC, the tiredness is a killer isn't it? I'm much better now but still having early nights and the odd nap! Enjoy seeing your sis tomorrow.

    Well safari park was great fun and the weather here is fine! Even had a picnic! Sun was out and was quite warm at some points, unusual for us to have good weather up here when it sounds like it's rubbish down south. Supposed to be high winds tomorrow and Monday so planning a movie afternoon tomorrow if it's as forecast.

    Tired now, just about to bath M and put my feet up, can't wait Laugh hope everyone is doing well

  • Well I'm at home andnot out. Coulnt find anything that looked remotely nice to wear and everything looked hideous. So I retreated to the sofa in tears and H is getting me ice cream.

    Weekender it's the 2nd of oct so over 2 weeks to go still.

  • Hi all!

    Late one for me today! Had to drive my little brother to the airport today (he's off to Oz for a month, I'm so jealous!) and when I got home I crashed on the sofa, completely exhausted! Not much to report here, worrying about Thursdays scan and feeling really nervous about the whole thing. Trying to think positive though but in my head planning for either outcome to try and feel as though I'm in control of things a bit more.

    AR - Sorry you didn't make it out tonight. It sounds as though you live a similar distance from London as me and the journey in isn't something I'd want to do right now for a night out (although I am doing it Mon-Fri for work so have a low tolerance for it in my spare time!) Glad you have your scan date through too.

    Hope your scan went well today Section4.

    Browny - well done for getting through last night with your friend! I'm not sure I could have done that convincingly!

    Counter - sorry you had to work :( I just settled down for Strictly and realised it isn't on tonight, gutted!

    Weekender & Chicolate Cupcake - sounds like we're all having quiet nights tonight! I'm just waiting on my takeaway to be delivered!

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