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~*~ Tuesday 3rd Tri ~*~

Morning everyone, sorry I've not been around the last couple of days, have I missed anything? Guessing Noggin is still here?

Woken up to miserable weather this morning which is typical as I need to go out food shopping! Should be a duvet day really....

Think I'm going to try and get my hospital bag organised over the next few days :-)


  • Morning BE. It's a miserable morning here too. I also need to start thinking about packing my hospital bag! popping out to get a present for my friends little boy who is two weeks old today. Visiting him for the first time tomorrow. Can't wait for new born snuggles.

    AFM MW visit went well. She filled out my form for the MLU and went through the practicalities of giving birth there. Pain relief available and reasons why I might get transferred. To be honest not a lot has changed in two years so I knew about most of it anyway. Hope everyone else has a great day. xx

  • Morning ladies,

    BE good luck with your hospital bag. I kept putting off doing mine but think I'm finally done

    MrsB very jealous you're going to get newborn snuggles. Glad the MW went well

    AFM no plans. Off to a toddler group this afternoon but that's about it really.

    Baby out vibes to Noggin and Popcorn

    JT 37+6

  • Morning all

    BE - weather looks rubbish here too, good luck on getting your bag organised, that's my job too over the next week.

    Mrs B - glad the mw apointment went well

    Afm - meeting a friend for coffee this morning then back home for our carpet to he fitted. We can then get the wardrobes fitted and moved back in there at the weekend. Will be nice to have some order back in the house! I has swimming this afternoon and then I'm out with work tonight for a bit of a leaving do, I finish at the end of the week!!


  • I always end up missing someone, sorry JT - sounds like a lovely chilled out day for you x

  • Hi ladies! Tis like living in a wind tunnel here! Horrible but at least it's not raining................... yet.

    Was off Friday and Monday and I am not on my last week at work! Not sure how I feel about it.

    BE - I started my bag. Really need to finish it! Maybe you need to start online food shopping :-)

    Mrs B - Oh lovely day for you. Enjoy x  

  • Morning!

    BE- get the shopping out the way and haev a duvet afternoon!

    MrsB- glad to hear it went well with the midwife and everything is still fresh in your memory!

    jellytot- have fun at toddler group! :-)

    Banzy- bet u'll be glad to be back in your room!  Enjoy you rleaving do!

    Well i was wide awake at 11:30 last night, regretting my caffine overdose! Took myself off to bed though and was out like a light, had a great nights sleep too! especially as I have started wedging a spare pillow under my bump! still uncomfortable getting up off the bed or sofa though!

    **Baby out vibes** for Noggin!

  • Morning All,

    BE- You are very organised getting your hospital bag sorted already. I literally haven't even started putting anything together yet! That is my job this week.. or possibly over the weekend! haha

    MrsB- Enjoy the ne born cuddles. Glad all went well with your MW appointment.

    JT- Have a lovely day whatever you are doing :)

    Banzy- Sounds like you have a lovely and busy day planned. Enjoy!

    LP- Enjoy your day.

    MrsBass- Glad you had a good nights sleep. I know what you mean about it being uncomfortable getting up though. I get a pain under my bump if I get up too quickly.

    AFM- Last day at work! Whoohoo! Came in to cake, flowers, balloons and pictured all around my desk. Feels a bit surreal that I won't be coming in for a long time. Fingers crossed for an easy day. Also went come yesterday to a little cheque for £42 from the nice people at HM Revenue and customs. Better than a punch in the nose!

  • LP- i missed you! Everyone is finishing work! At least i can say now "2 months to go!"

    Sam- yes that is exactly where it is!! the sudden weight pulling it down. I wonder if it is worth getting a bump band/ support would help! Sounds liek you are being spoilt today!

  • Morning all,

    BE - you definitely need to get on board with the online shopping. You're very organised with thinking about your hospital bag as well, I only really finished packing mine about two weeks ago and that was only because I ended up in hospital with ligament pain and it made me realise how unprepared I was!!

    MrsB - glad MW appointment went well and there were no surprises with the MLU.

    JT - thanks for the vibes, enjoy toddler group.

    Banzy - enjoy your leaving do tonight!

    LP - woo for last week at work!! It's a weird feeling, I know what you mean. In the end, I was very relieved to go though, it will be lovely having some time to yourself.

    Mrs Bass - great that you still slept so well despite your caffeine indulgence yesterday, makes such a big difference to your day when you're well rested.

    Sam - congrats on your last day, yay! Hope they continue to make a fuss of you and your day doesn't include too much actual work!

    AFM - I'm not feeling quite so much pressure under my ribs today which is heaven, so maybe the baby has moved to be a bit more central. No idea on whether s/he is engaged yet though, just keeping fingers crossed. Plan for today is to go out for another walk as the weather is so nice and just potter and tidy around the house - all my big nesting jobs are done so I feel at a bit of a loose end tbh!

    **baby out vibes to Noggin**

  • Banzy enjoy your leaving do

    LP hope your last few days of work are easy

    MrsBass a pillow under the bump makes all the difference doesn't it

    Sam. Sounds like you're going to have a lovely last day

    PC. Sounds like maybe baby has dropped a bit if its not under your ribs. Very jealous all your nesting jobs are done- I'm yet to start :( I think I just don't have the nesting instinct- I keep thinking of all the jobs that need doing then thinking I just can't be ar**d!

  • Mrs bass in not finishing work yet. I'm finishing at half term so not til 25th oct. I'll be 38+5 eek!!

  • JT - the problem with the nesting jobs being done is that I no longer have anything to keep me occupied so I'm just pacing around the house! Also, they'll probably all need doing again before the baby is here Laugh

  • Hello ladies, I miss you all! Finishing work on Friday so not long until the madness is over (well, one kind of madness, anyway) and I can rejoin you!

    I mainly popped on to have a small excited freak out about the fact that my baby is now due this month. Feels like minutes since the peeing on sticks days!

    Baby out vibes for Noggin and smooches for you all xx

  • Popcorn- enjoy your walk, baby's movement sounds positive!

    Mrs B- that's my birthday! agreat day to finish work! :-)

    Tina I bet the time has flown by!!! How exciting!!

  • MrsBass- I have wondered about a support band but as it isn't too bad at the minute I'm hoping it doesn't get much worse in the coming weeks so I'll manage. We just need to remember we can't move like we used to pre-bump! :)

    JT- While I've still been at work I have lots of lovely nesting thoughts. Chances are as of tomorrow when I'm on mat leave I will develop the same 'can't be ar**d' attitude! haha

    TT- I know what you mean about it feels like minutes ago since POAS. I remember it like it was yesterday! Pregnancy has gone so so quickly. Looking forward to you joining us again when you finish work.

    Popcorn- Enjoy your walk! Glad baby has moved in to a bit more of a comfortable position for you.

  • Well I got back from lunch to find lots of presents and cards on my desk and tonnes of cake, biscuits and chocolate in the office. Baby has been super spoilt! She got vests, cardigans, a hat, a sleep bag, converse bootie socks, comforter, little outfit and a lovely hand made mohair bear from my colleague. Also got a mothercare gift voucher. Everything was completely unexpected! Feels really surreal now that I'll be waking up tomorrow and won't be coming in to the office!

  • oh wow, lucky you! and baby!! a colleague made the bear?! wow!

  • MrsBass- Yes she made it! She does teddy bear fairs and stuff so they are all such good quality and so professional. They are steel shot filled so not a toy but will look lovely in her room! I have been eyeing them up for a while so really pleased that 'baby' (I might be stealing it!) got one as a present hahaha

  • Evening all, too late for personals I'm afraid but more baby out vibes for Noggin!

    I've nearly bought everything on my list (finally!) I think the last few things will have to come from ebay, but ready to pack birthing bags now. 37 weeks today based on my dates - so exciting!

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