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Anyone have a Quinny Buzz?

What do you think of it?

We've been into a massive baby shop and tried out a few pushchairs, and the Quinny seems to be coming out on top. 

My list of criteria was compatible with maxi cosi, suitable from birth, easy to use, and compact as my parents have teeny cars.

We looked at the bugaboo bee and couldn't believe how small it was! Also looked at the sola but that seemed huge folded down. 

Any thoughts would be great! Thanks.


  • We have a buzz 3 and highly recommend them. it's easy to push, sturdy (not heavy as some reviews say), I wanted one for at te stable and in fields as well as looking smart in town. It's easy to fold and use. Its wider than some but ive never had problems in shops or door ways. Never had a problem with the air filled tyres. I loved that it was easy to put the car seat in when she was lotto and we had it parent facing to begin with and outward facing now she's older. We'll be getting a double to use some of the time when this baby arrives but I'll be keeping the buzz and using it as mug as possible.

  • Hmm. Yes and in a way I do and in a way I dont.

    They are fab for pushing, great with buggyboard on etc.

    However it's very bulky when folded, mine is away for repair for the second time over a lightly used 4 years. Oh and parent facing only has 2 recline positions.

    i love the carrycot and car seat etc and it does seem to be a comfy cosy pram. X

  • We had a Buzz before I needed to buy a double. I also tried the Sola and the Bee but I hated how the Sola folded and to me the Bee felt flimsy. We had the same criteria as you and I went out trying buggies desperate to avoid the buzz as I didn't like it. It worked best for us in the end though, I loved how smooth it was to push around and we do a lot of walking so I needed tougher wheels than the Bugaboo type ones. It can be quite bulky ad a downside, we had to remove at least one wheel to get it in our car but at the time we had a tiny Chevrolet Kalos so the boot was teeny. I had the same issue with my P&T. I really missed my buzz when I sold it on.

  • we originally bought one before Luke was born, but had to sell it as the basket was too small for his oxygen and other medical equipment. quite a specific negative.

  • Thanks for your thoughts ladies x

  • We have one too. I do love it and I don't love it.

    Easy to use. Easy to fold up and manage. Love the car seat fitting on to it and the carry cot feature and it is great in the snow! But did find it bulky when folded and we had to take the wheels off so it fit in our boot.  But other than that it's perfect :)

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