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Argh, I can't find my camera charger :-(

Trying to get everything together for going away on Friday morning.  Can't do much in one go so doing little bits each day.   Today i get out my camera and discover the battery is flat, no problem I'll get the charger, only it's not where it is meant to be.  I know I couldn't find it for Zoe's party back in Feb but then I could swear that I had found it and put it in the proper place ... but it's not there.

I can't go traipsing around the shops to buy a replacement one and I just can not think where else to look for it. 

I do have another camera, it's the point & shoot that I've lost the charger for but H won't use my DSLR and it also means that I have to take the big, bulky camera out with me all the time :-(

I could cry ... well actually I might have done with frustration already.


  • Can you not get a replacement one somewhere like amazon and pay for next day delivery? Gah, how frustrating.

  • I've done that but it is a bit galling to have to pay £20ish for something just because I can't find it.  I just know that we'll probably get back and it will be in the most obvious place.

  • So annoying.  Sounds like a spare could be useful though.  Or if/when you find it you could just sell the spare again.

    It's not a canon sx220 is it? if so I can send you mine, I rarely use the p&s.

  • No, unfortunately not.  I bet i don't use it at all now when we are away, this is the first time of taking the SLR - I only got it at Xmas - and I don't want to be restricted.

  • Tbh, when I went to India 6 weeks after getting my DSLR the compact didn't even make it out of the suitcase.  Just teach your H how to use it.  

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