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now im scared :(

I had my 36wk scan today, had been really looking forward to finding out c-section date, but the same has happened as with my son the measurements have dropped and she has only grown 2cms on head and abdominal in two weeks i dont know how much she should have so im worried, and also my sons growth slowed and i was rushed in at 37wks and after 6 lots of prostin and them attempting to break my waters NOTHING happened so i had a section resulting in a 6lb baby with breathing difficulties and low blood sugars who was kept in scbu, his weight dropped to 5lb, as id had a section i had 2 be escorted to see him and had no support in establishing breastfeeding, i battled on even though theyd insisted he had formular too and struggled to mix feed for 14wks as my supply was very low. Im desperate to breastfeed this baby and just seethe same happening all over except. this time they want me back in two weeks for a re scan and will decide a section date then bcoz they cant guess if the growing has slowed or stopped,

so i have 2weeks of anxiety now and all i can think about is my poorly little boy and how much i dont want to go there again.

On top of telling me all this they take my blood pressure at the end and its 150/70 and they then panic me further by insisting i have blood tests and take it easy (which im supposed to do anyway thanks to syphysis pubis dysfunction) my blood pressure has ranged from 110/70- 140/72 so i dont know whether to panic or not,

 Im just so anxious about the baby now, i know the midwives only trying to reassure me by saying anytime i dont think its moved enough to come for a scan but im now even more anxious, all along this pregnancy ive been terrified of loosing this baby, bcoz thers been so many obstacles.

im sorry that was so long i just really needed to offload. xx


  • Hi,
    Sorry to hear that you are worried and having a difficult time, know it is really hard to do (easy for me to say) but try and stay positive. Things may change and hopefully this birth will be different as it is your second.
    Hope all is well.
    Pauline x
  • hello, sorry to hear they've scared you.. any chance you can have a chat with one of the midwives and let them know how you're feeling? perhaps they could give you some reassurance instead of freaking you out.

    it sounds as though you had a rough time with your last baby, so obviously you'll be scared about this one, but hopefully things will be better this time. at least you have a vague idea of what could happen and perhaps get more help with breastfeeding. as pauline says, try not to get too scared until you know more about what's going on.

    am sure you should probably be seen sooner than 2 weeks if you're bp is all over the place and they want you to have a blood test. why not book an appt with your GP and see what they have to say?

  • Poor you. I would contact your midwife as it's unfair you should have to feel this way as you had such a traumatic time before xx
  • My midwifes visiting me at home on saturay so fingers crossed, thanx for the support everyone xxx
  • I hope all works out ell for you and you have a better time this time round. Lets us know of any developments,

    I hope your all ok 

  • No wonder you are scarred. I hope the midwife can but your mind at rest when she visits you tomorrow. Write any questions you want to ask her down incase you forget some of them while she's there, that way you won't have to ring her later.

    I hope things go to plan for you.

    Take care, xx

  • they decided im having another section at 12wks so thats happening but they dont wan2 decide on a date incase baby needs more time or needs to arrive asap etc, My first section is classed as planned but as jacks was rushed to scbu and i was young and niave i just didnt have time to think and beleived everything i was told when i should have been more stubborn and told the what i wanted, im just struggling to understand how i can establish bf if bubz is in scbu like jack (he was born at 12.46pm he was took to scbu 2hrs later) noone would take me to visit him until 9.45pm!!!! and that was after i shouted at a midwife and had to be prevented from attempting to get out of bed by my poor partner (morphine sent me a little loopy) i hadnt even got to hold him as the drugs from the section made me so dopey i couldnt and not expecting him to be rushed off i rested. Ive spoke to mw about breastfeeding before and they dont really seem bothered, but its something i carry ALOT of guilt with like i failed jack, (i did also find out hen he was 10mnths that he was tongue tied making bf even harder) i just feel like they just want us in and out no hassle plz kind of thing, i have my mum around alot more now, she was very young when she had me so i have sister of 3 n a brother whos 3mnths and thet both breastfed/feed very successfully so hopefully theres help there. xx
  • Hello all,

    have just seen the midwife and shes totlly put my mind at rest, well as uch as possible, my bp has gone down from 150/70 to 120/50 so thats all good, did all the usual checks and shes very happy.

    You see what the hospital had failed to tell me was my baby is well above average so where here abdominal curcumfrence and head measurements have dropped to are still just above average! Obviously its still a concern that its slowed down but no here near as bad had baby dropped below average line. so thats a relief. I feel calmer now because hopefully on the 13th i will get my section date and finally breath a sigh of relief and get back to normal mummy mode (rushing about in a mess) which i suprisingly miss alot. But one thing i know for sure is the little one will be here before th 26th and i cant wait, mentioned the bf and its a case of fingers crossed i get supportive mw in hospital!!!

    thanx for all the support though everyone when i was having my flap!

  • I cant wait to find out, im desperate to make up the crib etc, bcoz were in a 2bed house theres no decorating until we decide how to have it for 2 little people and whether sprout is blue or pink lol Whereas with Jack his whole nursery is themed and i loved every minute of getting it ready and hanging up all his clothes in there, (there was no doubt he was a boy he showed us proudly at 3 out 5 scans!)  Whereas this time everythings stayed tidied away apart from the buggy as we got the icandy pear and use it as a single for jacks, still really need to learn the combinations properly for 2 babies before im stuck in the house alone desperate to get out lol.

    Im just so relieved i got a nice midwife who seemed to know exactly what i needed to hear!! I have had some horrible ones, hope everyone elses bumps are doing ok, thers quite a few due nov isnt there?

    Thanx again for all the support i dont kno wat id do if i couldnt rable on here, my oh trys very hard to understand but hes only a man bless him xxx

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