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formula question

I've started giving S one bottle of formula a day. Am I right in thinking that a box can only be opened for 4 weeks?  Trying to work our if I'll be cheaper getting a box or ready made cartons. Am thinking that it will probably be cheaper getting a box,  even if I end up having to throw some out? 


  • is it?  ooops!! well if it's any consolation M seems fine - a tub lasts us 6-8 weeks!

  • Yep, box says 4 weeks.  

  • Do you know roughly how many oz you get out a tub then?

  • What about that stuff we used to get with 2 pouches?

  • Apparently about 180 scoops in a tin, so 30 days of a 6oz bottle for £10, v 30x79p.. £23.70 Even if it only lasted 15 days you would still be better off buying a tin x

  • Thanks LM, I was too tired to figure it out myself lol

    Oh I forgot about them CK. Wonder if you still get them

  • Good thing someone else could work it out.  Orla has ready made full time !  You can imagine how much that is costing us.

  • I love how you have calculated the break even point LM!

    Anyone know why it is four weeks? Baby porridge is the same. As if you could use a whole box in that time.

  • You can get smaller 450g tubs which might be better than having to throw stuff away.  Supermarkets don't seem to have it but our independent chemist does and will get it in if you ask.  We've been using them to try Orla on powder every now and then.

  • Haha, I'm an accountant, you can tell right?

    Yes,  we have those small onesBJB (but we're on Lactose free), my stepsister buys the normal SmA little cans from somewhere for travelling.  I'll ask!

    Eek JB I bet it's costing a fortune!  We had to try that for a while as E wouldn't tolerate s change in water when I stayed with my parents.  It really is so much easier,  but yes you definitely pay for it.

  • That must be costing a fortune JB! I'm moaning about having to buy one tub a month lol

  • Went to my local chemist who are ordering me the smaller tubs.  Would never have thought of doing that so thanks JB

  • I wish she would take the powder - especially as I bought that TT Perfect Prep Machine - but we've tried several times and each time she ends up very constipated.  The longer we go on with the ready made the harder it is going to be to stop as have got so used to the convenience.

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